How to save a marriage (for women)

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It's no secret that women need a family in general more than men. Happy married wives give advice on how to create a strong family and maintain a relationship with a loved one.

Respect your husband. Often women declare that they would be ready to respect their spouse if he deserved it. In fact, the second part of the statement is superfluous here. It is important for any man to be respected. And the first person from whom he expects such an attitude is his spouse. The idea that such respect must first be earned is a kind of trap. Any wife dreams that her chosen one makes exceptionally correct decisions, which will become the basis of respect. But it is worth taking face to face the truth, a man is an ordinary person who, like everyone else, makes mistakes. It is this person that you once chose to be with him all your life. You entrusted him with the management of the family, for this he deserves respect. We must understand that the manifestation of such an attitude towards a man, even if he does not yet deserve it, will already motivate him to create moral capital. Do not pretend that he always makes the right choice if he really isn't. It is worth discussing all disagreements, specifying your claims. But this should be done without accusing, but discussing, respecting the partner.

Save your heart. The expression "it's good where we are not" does not always work. A slender figure, a high salary, a cool car and a big house will not guarantee a woman's happiness. There are many people and things in the world that will constantly trumpet that there are better options for a woman. But this is not true. In the life of each of us there is always an internal struggle, we want the house to be bigger and the car more expensive. But relationships are not measured in squares and dollars. We need to protect ourselves from people and things that claim that a husband is not the best option, and life with another person could be better. There will always be someone stronger, brighter, richer. But we will never be satisfied with even more, if we do not learn to appreciate what is already here and now.

The correct order is God, husband, children. Such an emphasis is not welcomed by women, especially mothers of children are against it. But faith has always been in the first place for many people, God plays a decisive role for them in life. And the husband should be put in front of the children, despite all their convictions. And it is worth maintaining such an emphasis until this person asks to put his interests above children's interests. Before takeoff, the flight attendant on the plane gives safety instructions. Among other things, it is said that first you need to put an oxygen mask on the mother, and then on the child. Does this mean that children are not so important? Not really! How can a mother help her child if she cannot breathe herself? The situation is similar in marriage with raising children. If your relationship with your husband cracks, you won't be able to raise your child successfully, and don't try. In due time, grown-up children will leave their father's house in order to fulfill their already dream. And if during all this time it was not possible to reach mutual understanding with her husband, then the woman will remain virtually alone.

Goodbye him. Everyone makes mistakes, there are no perfect people. If you do not cultivate the habit of forgiving your husband all his minor oversights, then irritation will only accumulate inside the woman. When it splashes out, this energy will go to destroy the relationship.

Communicate more. Many are embarrassed to talk about their feelings. It seems to a woman that a man should understand the reasons for her rage anyway. But it doesn't work. It's just that men are completely different, they do not understand and do not feel what a woman lives with. Do not hesitate to talk about it, even if words are difficult. Reminder of your feelings and frankness will benefit the relationship.

Feel like you're on a date with him. Men, like women, are impossible to comprehend. So why not devote yourself to this deep engagement? Don't stop studying your husband. And if it is not possible to do this in a romantic setting, in a movie or in a restaurant by candlelight, then at least just spend time alone with him. This is important for family relationships. At such moments, you shouldn't talk about spending money, about plans for tomorrow, about everyday problems or about children. The best topic is the future, why not plan your dream vacation together? The couple gets the opportunity to get emotionally close and learn something new about each other, this happens even after several years of marriage.

Don't threaten him with divorce or withdrawal. Those who are going to use such a weapon against their husband should think twice. First of all, threatening to break off is highly unfair. Those women who destroyed their marriage in this way, over time, realized that they had nothing to be proud of. But it taught that blows "below the belt" in building relationships are clearly not the best helpers.

Learn the language of his love. Each person has their own love language. And the way a woman perceives love may look very different for a man. Some people like verbal confessions, while others like small gifts. But whatever the love language of a man is, it must certainly be learned and used.

Don't talk bad about him. This advice only seems simple, but it is not easy to adhere to it. A couple who are going through hard times and are waiting for more effective advice needs a visit to a psychologist. Often a woman has no shortage of advice from her family, but how objective are they? They will be guided by one-sided facts, wanting to side with the wife and generating negative feelings towards the husband. And such advice will not stop until the family breaks up. It is worth defending his image in the eyes of others, and for advice turn to those who are truly objective. And the worst thing for a woman is that in such critical situations the closest person, the mother, will be the worst advisor.

Always choose love. In family life, a moment inevitably comes when one morning you realize that you are no longer in love. And you still have to choose love. Yes, the husband will one day not look as attractive as he once did. And you still need to choose your love for him. After all, marriage is primarily an obligation. At the wedding, we promise to be next to each other in sorrow, and in joy, and in health, and in illness. These sacred words come from the heart. And we do not say "if suddenly there is sorrow," but we say "in sorrow and joy." There will certainly be sad moments in life, there is no escape from this. And love should be chosen from everything else and material, because it's worth it.

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