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Feeling anxious prevents you from enjoying life? The following tips, many of which were based on American psychologist Dale Carnegie, will be helpful to you. Get rid of chronic anxiety forever.

Live for today. Block off not only the past, but also the future. If you worry about events that happened long ago or events that may never happen, then there will be no nerves. May today be your future. Instead of worrying about things that you will be doing in the distant (or not very distant) future, it is better to concentrate as much as possible on today's problems and resolve all issues in the best possible way. Find answers to the following questions:
- How often do I worry about my future?
- how often do I worry about what can no longer be fixed?
- Do I wake up with the thought that I need to have time to do as much as possible in a day?
- If I don't care about the problems of the past or the future, do I feel better?
Having asked yourself all these questions, you must decide on the day when you begin to implement this rule.

Find something to do. Have you noticed that you are not able to concentrate on several thoughts at once? Each of us at a particular moment in time is able to focus on only one thought, but this state of affairs is also characteristic of the world of emotions. Not a single person can simultaneously suffer from the exhausting feeling of anxiety and do something very interesting: only one type of emotion necessarily dominates. In other words, negative and positive emotions will never get along with each other in any situation. Now there is even such a thing as "employment therapy". The cure in this case is work, every free minute of the patients is occupied with one or another activity, as a result of which they simply do not have time to worry about what happened. So instead of falling into despair, it is better to dive headlong into work.

Remember that little things are not a compelling reason for losing your peace of mind. Life is not long enough to waste it worrying about little things. Answer the question frankly: "How high is the probability of the occurrence of the event about which I am so worried?" If something has already happened or will inevitably happen, then try to come to terms with it as soon as possible. This is the first step towards a peaceful life.

Know how to stop in time. Answer the following three questions. First, "How important is my concern in reality?" Second: "When is the best time to stop about a matter that makes me very anxious?" Third: "Does my fee exceed the real value?" We all must be able to determine what kind of things are life value, we must learn to understand the real measure of things. This is the path to our peace of mind.

"Do not cut sawdust." What does this mean? And this means that you just "sawdust" when you repeatedly experience the events in the past. If milk is spilled, it cannot be returned. Is it worth remembering about him if he is no longer there? Is it worth worrying about it if milk still doesn't appear in the bottle? You need to take it for granted and calm down.

Control your thoughts. Our thoughts are our mood. If thoughts are gloomy, a person feels unhappy; if thoughts are joyful, then a person is happy. If a person thinks that he will get sick, then this is unlikely to be avoided. If a person is sure that he will achieve the fulfillment of his dreams, then he will certainly be so. "You are what you think about," said Normal Peel. Maybe you should think about this phrase? If there is a problem, then you need to attend to, but not worry about it. There is a fundamental difference between concern and concern. Anxiety leads to the fact that our activity begins to resemble a "dance of a cat around a hot porridge", concern allows us to rationally treat the problem and calmly look for possible ways out of the situation. Look at your life in a different way - maybe you don't notice something very important behind the feeling of anxiety. Think only about light. Understand life is beautiful.

Don't waste your time, let alone your nerves, on those you don't like. Enemies do not exist to get even with them. Your enemies are someone's friends. It's just that people are arranged differently, they have different worldviews and different interests. Actions are often associated with living conditions and some external factors. Don't judge people harshly, try to understand.

Ingratitude on the part of the people around you is not a reason to worry. It is the nature of people that many do not know how to be grateful. Gratitude in a person must be cultivated. So, dear parents, take note of this and raise your children to be able to thank for the good.

Appreciate what you have. We are so made up that we chase after wealth and get upset about the little things of life. Yes, yes, even losing a job is not a reason to become unhappy. Think about whether you would give your arms or legs for millions of dollars? Appreciate that you are healthy. Don't count your misfortunes! Count the grace!

Be yourself. Where do complexes and neuroses come from? From a person's unwillingness to imagine what he is. Don't live someone else's life, don't crave to be someone else. Each person is unique, possesses certain abilities, represents something new on our planet. Only without copying someone, but adopting your own image, you can achieve something outstanding in one of the wonderful moments. According to Alfred Adler, an outstanding psychologist, a person is able to "turn minus into plus", and this is one of his most amazing features.

Difficulties temper a person. Let's say we are dominated by feelings of depression. Naturally, in such a mood it is difficult for us to make our outlook positive. However, there are at least two reasons why you should try to readjust to a positive wave. First, success can be achieved. The second - in the event that success is not achieved, then our thoughts will still change for the better.

The main reason that leads to a feeling of anxiety is uncertainty, confusion, in a word, confusion. Thus, in order to avoid the appearance of this feeling, it is necessary, first, to collect the facts, secondly, to analyze them, and thirdly, to make a decision. After the decision has been made, immediately begin to implement it. In this simple scheme, there is hardly a place for the appearance of anxiety that will exhaust you.

A very good effect in terms of eliminating feelings of depression and anxiety is given by following a simple piece of advice: think of what you can do to please your family, loved ones or friends and do it. It is good deeds that are the healers of a troubled soul, they direct our thoughts to noble and good deeds, thereby relieving us of a negative attitude.

Think less about yourself, feel sorry for yourself less, please others more! What if your anxiety is due to the fact that you are worried about what others think of you. This problem can be viewed in two ways.

On the one hand, intense anxiety about how you will appear in the light of your relatives, friends and colleagues can lead to the fact that your life practically ceases to be so. Why? But you only look outward, try to put on samples of someone's actions, do not bother yourself in order to remain yourself and stop copying others.

Thus, you significantly limit your life. You forget about your own opinion, you are not trying to try to swim against the current, for you the opinion of others dominates your own. If so, then it's time to say "Stop!"

On the other hand, if you absolutely do not care about the opinions of others, then this is also not good. In this case, all your thoughts are focused on yourself. You forget that actions performed by one person often have some effect on other people (including negative ones). As a result, you always voice your thoughts, not caring how others will perceive them and what they think of you.

So, you need a middle ground. The most effective way to stop worrying about how others will perceive your words or actions is to find an excuse for those words and actions. You must be able to explain them. Having made a decision on your own, you do not reject other people's opinions about it, but you also do not become a slave to what others think about all this.

Once you have chosen your life path, find confirmation of its correctness for you, the more the better. So you will become confident in your abilities. Evaluate how you make decisions, how you are guided when moving on the chosen course. Just do not deceive yourself, be as sincere as possible with yourself.

If you realize that you are being guided by the wrong factors, then you should not panic. It's very good that you understand this. In this case, look for a new path where you will be guided only by the right reasons, coming from your heart.

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