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Chats, forums and social networks are all the rage today. As a result, on avatars you can find animals, movie and cartoon characters, abstract compositions and much more.

Many people wonder - how to create your own avatar? The easiest option would be to use a ready-made one. It is enough to type in a search engine the line “download an avatar” and select any of hundreds of sites on this topic. Usually, they are offered to either immediately download the picture you like, or use a ready-made link to it. Some sites offer their own avatar maker workshops. There are no many unnecessary tools here, and everything is designed specifically to create a bright drawing. A simple solution would be to download the picture you like and select a part of it as your own avatar.

A more difficult option would be to create an avatar on your own. First of all, evaluate whether you have enough graphic editing skills to implement this idea? It will not be difficult to reduce the picture you like in the same Photoshop, or create it yourself. The source material, by the way, can be anything - a part of a picture or desktop wallpaper you like, a screenshot from your favorite movie, other avatars, scanned drawings. So, arm yourself with virtual brushes, pencil and go!

When creating your own avatar, try to follow simple rules. First of all, you should not use completely different colors for your photo and the background behind it. It will look tasteless, annoying other users. It will be useful to create an avatar of a specific topic. Let your photo become a continuation or carrier of some thought, and not just a face in the background.

It will be more difficult to do this, but there will be a place for creativity, and friends will undoubtedly appreciate it. If there is a desire to create a defiant avatar, then it is better to attract, again, with creativity, and not with naked bodies or bright, eye-cutting flowers. When creating an avatar, remember that the size of the picture should not be large. A 200x200 pixel image will be more than enough, besides, in most cases it will be automatically reduced by the services where you will place this avatar.

Animated avatars are a separate category. It is hardly possible to create a full-fledged cartoon, but it is quite possible to revive the picture. This requires at least two pictures. On one subject will be depicted before the start of the action, and on the other - after. For easy creation of animated avatars, you can use Photoshop's "Image Ready" application. Further in the menu "File / Import / Folder as Frames" you should select the folder with these two pictures. Then the delay between frames is selected, and in the "Tween" menu you can generally create an animation automatically. To check the result, just press the "Play" button. To make the animated avatar really beautiful, you can work on the frames - add text that changes its color.

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