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Doctors, in principle, have information on how to live to be 85. Centenarians who celebrated a hundred years share their secrets.

You need to eat grains, fish and vegetables. It is known that most of the centenarians, who are over a hundred years old, live in Japan, in Okinawa. But why exactly here? The secrets of this longevity must lie in the food. In Okinawa, people eat a lot of fish, vegetables and grains. But eggs, dairy products and meat are rare for them. Local elders say you can eat oatmeal and fruit for breakfast, fish or chicken salad for lunch, and steamed vegetables and lean meats for dinner.

Ban on carbonated drinks, including dietary ones. Doctors say that it is dangerous to consume drinks saturated with gases, even if they are dietary. It will be much more useful to drink juice or water. Some long-livers say that they rarely used soda throughout their lives, and in old age they completely abandoned it. They chose milk, iced tea, cranberry juice for themselves. Even coffee and alcoholic beverages are not particularly harmful if consumed in reasonable amounts. A couple of drinks per week will only improve your health.

Give yourself some relief. Doctors not only forgive those who indulge in some excesses, but even encourage such behavior. You can even eat chocolate biscuits, drink red wine and indulge in alcoholic cocktails at the age of 100. Other centenarians even indulge in hamburgers at times. And the doctors follow the same advice. In their opinion, it is only necessary to limit the consumption of sugar and red meat to once or twice a week. And the portions themselves are better to be made smaller.

Do business every day. Those who are preparing to spend their entire old age on the couch with a TV remote control should know that this can reduce their lifespan. Centenarians say that for many years, even after retirement, they dress carefully every morning after waking up, do their hair and manicure, and attend church. Even at such an advanced age, you can cook your own food and clean your house and yard. Having lived to a hundred years old, you can still do exercises on your own, which will keep the muscles of the arms, legs and back in good shape.

Take walks. Doctors say exercising isn't necessarily a tough daily workout or a fitness club membership. After all, you can simply climb up and down the stairs, carry your own purchases, laundry to the laundry or throw away the trash. This will only improve your health. Even if you go for a walk every day in old age, in good weather, it will only benefit your health. Of those who have lived for over a hundred years, 41% of people said they continue to actively walk. This helps them maintain vitality.

Solve crosswords. Doctors say mental training is an important factor in longevity. And the easiest way to provide them is to solve crosswords. Those who, in their youth, began to solve at least one such riddle a week, should expect bonuses in old age. Good brain strengthening and intellectual games and quizzes like "Your own game" or "Sudoku". There is another way to preserve brain activity - to master some musical instrument.

Get out into the fresh air. After retirement, many people prefer to spend their free time at home. This leads to the fact that people do not have enough vitamin D. Such a deficiency, according to experts, can lead to heart failure, diabetes, Alzheimer's disease, cancer and autoimmune diseases. Elderly care experts say that even a small amount of sunlight can lift your mood and improve your outlook.

Maintain connections with others and your family. Everyone knows that married people live longer. Perhaps this is due to the support of each other by the spouses. They force the partner to see a doctor in case of health problems. Not only romantic relationships are important, but even just friendships. Of those who celebrated their centenary, 82% of people communicate with friends every day, 79% believe that active communication helps their health. Some retirees enjoy life even after a hundred years, mastering the Internet and game consoles.

Maintain spirituality. Many of the centenarians have attended church most of their lives. Others always found time to reflect on their lives. Prayer in the morning and evening is generally very important for older people. Evercare research has shown that 62% of centenarians pray, meditate, or participate in some other spiritual activity every day. According to doctors, such calming activities directly affect life expectancy.

Love your job. We spend a third of our lives at work, which is why it is so important to love what we do. According to psychiatrists, being busy, as well as looking for new activities, will help maintain health for a long time. There are examples of how people under a hundred years old teach at universities, getting full satisfaction from their work.

Be busy. The secret to longevity is to constantly do something. Active people who have tried many professions and hobbies live longer. Even after retirement, they cannot sit still, helping charities, relatives, sharing their experience with young people.

Floss your teeth. In vain, many of us do not listen to our mother in matters of hygiene in childhood. It turns out that flossing your teeth is really important. The mouth is considered one of the dirtiest parts of our body. Due to periodontal disease, bacteria can enter the bloodstream, even reaching the heart. This is fraught with its failure and even minor strokes. It's amazing that bad teeth can cause dementia. But a clear mind is one of the important factors in longevity.

Avoid negative emotions. To live long, you need to stay away from unpleasant emotions, things and places. And thanks to this, it is possible to look satisfied and grateful to the world for everything that is available. Optimists, according to the observations of psychologists, are generally healthier. But negative emotions, depression and isolation only shorten life.

Communicate with young people. It is important for old people not only to communicate, choosing their peers as interlocutors, but to do it with young people. Such conversations or upbringing gives centenarians a sense of their worth, rewards them with additional meaning in life. Pensioners have friends who are several generations younger than them. But next to them you feel young. It happens that long-livers are volunteers in children's organizations.

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