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Meaning of the name

Arnold translated from German means "soaring eagle".


Arnold has great hardness and explosive energy, which, however, does not have an easy way out, closing in on its carrier. Outwardly, this may manifest itself in the fact that sudden fits of rage, which Arnold is often exposed to, will lead to the fact that he begins to withdraw into himself, and his negative reaction will manifest itself in the form of coldness and even arrogance.

A significant role here is also played by the rarity of the name and its foreign sound, which evokes the idea of ​​some aristocracy, and in combination with this, Arnold's cold discontent can be perceived by others as contempt. Perhaps people will subtly suspect that he is looking down at them.

Actually this is not true. It's just that those around him often do not notice Arnold's restrained rage, but he himself tries to speak calmly and balanced, which makes it seem that he is too straightforward and harsh in dealing with people. Worst of all, by doing so, Arnold makes himself a sufficient number of enemies and can gradually strengthen in his arrogance.

Of course, it is not easy for such a person to live, although here it is not without benefit. Often Arnold remains alone on his way, getting used to relying primarily on his own strength and tempering his will. At the same time, long in-depth reflections develop in him a logical mindset.

For success, he needs very little: it is enough just to learn how to mitigate his rage (which a sense of humor can help well) and try to better understand those around him, who, like Arnold himself, almost never act without reason.

Oftentimes, understanding these reasons means forgiving behavior. In this case, Arnold can find true balance, in which his clear mind is capable of miracles of efficiency, and a strong will will ensure his success in almost any profession, including in leadership positions.

Little Arnold is very irritable, stubborn and always wants to be the first. Outwardly he looks like his father, but in character he went to his mother. The character of the Arnolds, especially the "winter" ones, is not easy. They do well at school, especially in mathematics and physics. Too straightforward, so they conflict with teachers.

They live a closed life, they do not let anyone close to them. They have skillful hands, a well-developed imagination, they bring everything to the end. However, they advance slowly in the service, especially the "winter" ones. The professions of engineer, radiologist, actor, director are chosen. The first marriage is often short-lived, the second is more successful.

Fate does not spoil the Arnolds - they can become disabled by old age. They are overly suspicious. They have a difficult character, but they are not devoid of abilities. Hardworking and persistent in achieving goals, overly irritable and stubborn. It is difficult to get along with strangers and it is hard to break up with friends. They themselves know the shortcomings of their character, but stubbornness prevents them from becoming different. More related to technical professions.


Differs in an enviable sexual temperament. However, sex is not an end in itself for him. It is much more important for Arnold to study the character of the chosen one, her sexual behavior, requirements for a partner and willingness to offer something in return.

He shows curiosity about a woman's weaknesses, her strengths, tries to overcome her opposition. Loves sexual experimentation. He has unlimited physical capabilities, he is tireless in bed.

Arnold takes great pleasure when his partner forgets about conventions and completely surrenders to passions. After intercourse, he loves to talk on sexual topics, to continue affection. Having learned about the desires and preferences of a woman, she will try to use this in the future. Arnold is a great, fantastic sex partner, resourceful and sophisticated.

He loves sex on his own, his erotic talent is enough for two, without much difficulty finds the best option, allowing his girlfriend to experience the climax as much as possible and for longer. He has a sexual intuition, feels what the partner needs at the moment, tries to please her, no matter how long they have known each other and whether they will meet again.

For Arnold, sex is a way to maintain vitality, get rid of fatigue and stress. From a partner, he demands the same attitude to sex, complete freedom and relaxedness. A woman who would like him to like should be able to maintain the intensity of feelings and freshness of feelings.

Arnold has good technique in sexual intercourse, skillfully maintains the partner's pace, does not impose his own rhythm. It is difficult for him to separate exalted feelings from sexual experiences. However, he controls his attachment to his partner, not allowing himself to promise more than he can offer her at present.

He does not decide to take a serious step right away, he does not want to reassure the woman in vain. If Arnold chose a life partner for himself, then first he must prepare her for such a sexual relationship that would satisfy both, and for a long time. At first, she will remember that she really cares about what she likes the most, explain what he needs, what he expects from her.

Skillfully leads her to perfection in sexual relations, to complete harmony. The beloved should evoke in him a deep feeling, the hope for a lasting union based on mutual love and complete trust. Satisfaction with love and intimate life leads to stability and balance of his character, increased efficiency, promotes self-affirmation.

Arnold, who was born in the spring, is very balanced in temperament, so he chooses a calm and flexible woman who does not require sophisticated sex as a partner. It is important for him that his girlfriend is gentle and affectionate, easily achieves orgasm.

In love preludes, Arnold succeeds more than other men, which compensates for his not too high potential. He knows how to bring a woman to orgasm even before intercourse, willingly engages in oral sex. And yet, Arnold Ivanovich thinks more about his own pleasure than about the satisfaction of his partner.

Born in winter, he is hypersexual, very amorous, sensitive to failure and resentment. He needs a "summer" spouse, compliant, calm, capable of bringing stability to family relations.



A rock


Zodiac sign

A lion.


The sound of the name Arnold gives the impression of something good, beautiful, simple, round, majestic, courageous, strong, loud, brave, powerful, big, active, bright, joyful.

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