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The average city dweller spends about 9 hours a day in a seated position. The quality of the chairs is also important, which will correctly form the posture and shape of the spine.

Today people have realized that such office furniture is necessary and important. This applies to the very best office chairs, which will be discussed below.

Giroflex Leonardo (G81). This model will cost the lucky owner 200 thousand rubles. The Swiss company Giroflex has released the Leonardo model, which is a kind of transformer. It has an excellent tuned control system and smooth locking. The backrest can be bent away from the seat at an angle of 50 degrees. This allows the G81 to be easily transformed from an office tool to a vacation spot. Indeed, in this form, the chair becomes almost a couch. As a result, on the G81 you can not only work well and enjoyably, but also have a great rest. The chair has a head-supported position for comfortable reading. If you add a small ottoman to it, you can take a nap right there, without leaving your workplace. To create such a comfortable tool, Leonardo spends 5.5 square meters of real leather and 250 thousand feathers. The armchair contains 434 exclusive parts.

Herman Miller Aeron. Fans of the TV series "House" claim that their favorite has just such a chair in his office. Meanwhile, Herman Miller's creations cost 1000-1500 euros. Although the series itself, according to some critics and scientists, has a negative impact on the health of viewers, being a source of hypochondria, the same cannot be said about the Aeron chair. On the contrary, it only positively affects the person sitting in it. Our body does not have a single straight line, so the creators of such a product also made it completely curved. During the creation of the Aeron, a whole group of developers conducted research throughout Germany in order to find out the average parameters of the body from knee level to forearm. The testing involved 224 volunteers. These data form the basis for designing a chair. After its creation, an assessment of the ease of adjustment was carried out, orthopedists, physiotherapists and specialists in ergonomics dealt with this issue. As a result, even 24/7 use of the chair will not affect the manufacturer's 12-year warranty. The popularity of the product was also served by a video on YouTube, where employees play hockey right in the office, driving around it in the Aeron chair.

Herman Miller Embody. Herman Miller created this unusual chair with designers Jeff Weber and Bill Stumpf. Their cooperation with the manufacturer has been going on for quite some time. The main pivot of the idea was not just the chair itself, but the person who would be in it. The designers asked themselves the question: "Can a person's workplace improve his life in general?" To answer this question, the developers spent as much as 6 years creating Embody. In total, the famous manufacturer spent several million dollars to create such a chair. Perhaps the main feature of such an armchair, laid down by the designers, is its invisibility. After all, even a professional athlete wears comfortable and functional shoes in everyday life. What's the point of attracting attention? Likewise, the Embody chair is designed to efficiently perform work duties. The owner should not experience any inconvenience from the place where he sits. As a result, the chair does not even have rigid boundaries - as soon as a person touches it, the edges begin to bend elastically.

Okamura Contessa. Japanese manufacturing company Okamura is quite famous in the field of design. In total, she has received over 450 different awards and prizes for creating unique looks. The company's motto is rather laconic: “Quality pays for itself”. This does not mean at all that high-quality products are provided to consumers free of charge. The fact is that in its developments Okamura tries to make the most of new developments and unique design. And this guarantees that very quality. To ensure the high level of its products, Okamura has long been in close contact with the world's leading brands. The Contessa armchair is the result of a successful alliance with Italian designers Guigiaro Design. Those have long been known for their expertise in industrial design. Virtually all of the basic chair controls are concentrated on the armrests. At the same time, the happy owners of the chair assure that its headrest has a pleasant natural leather scent. You can buy such a smelling chair for 1,600 euros, the manufacturer offers 10 colors to choose from. Almost all of them are bright and cheerful.

Wilkhann Modus. It will not be possible to buy such a chair officially in Russia - you will have to contact the nearest representative of the company, finding his contacts on the manufacturer's website. The family firm Wilkhann was founded back in 1907. Its creators are Kristen Wilkening and Friedrich Hahne. It was pieces of their names that formed the name of the new company. After the Second World War, the sons of the creators got down to business. Until the mid-50s, they still followed the path of creating piece furniture from wood. But the technical revolution and the emergence of numerous new materials led to an expansion of production. As a result, the company was even able to go international. It is believed that any German Chancellor had in his office working chairs of this particular manufacturer. The Modus Executive has become a classic representation of the office furniture manufacturer. There are traditional German features here - minimalism, elegance of forms, restraint of lines and external simplicity.

Wilkhann ON. It will not be so easy to acquire this model. But its price is known - 600 euros. The chair is so unique that there is even a video on YouTube about it with 30 thousand views. The slogan "New freedom of movement" is voiced there. In just three minutes, you can watch the cheerful green chair being tested by passers-by on the streets of New York, Dubai, Copenhagen, Sydney, Madrid and Berlin. It turned out that the chair can not only be carried along the street, but also jump in it, ride the elevator and go down the subway! The main advantage of the model is its self-sufficiency and the opportunity for self-performance. Here it is not just possible to adjust the seat height and backrest tilt. The chair can bend diagonally, assuming any position and manner of the person sitting in it. This will help to properly distribute the load, even if the owner will, in principle, sit incorrectly due to their habits or physiology. You shouldn't be surprised that the chair was highly praised by the experts. Most recently, at one of the most prestigious design exhibitions Neocon, the ON model received the highest award with the eloquent name "Out of competition".

Steelcase LEAP. Such a chair can cost the buyer 1-2 thousand dollars. The American manufacturer used the renowned Californian design studio IDEO to create its product. This bureau has quite an impressive portfolio, in which the first computer mouse for Apple, a tube of toothpaste for Procter @ Gamble, Twist'n Go packaging for Pepsi. The Leap chair has taken its rightful place in the list of the company's main design finds. Even before the sale of this chair, research was carried out. They showed interesting things. It turned out that the chair is extremely durable. So, anyone weighing up to 150 kilograms can use it around the clock, 7 days a week. The upholstery of the chair can withstand up to half a million sitting and getting up. But for ordinary chairs, this figure is 10 times lower. It turned out that people who spent the last year in the Leap chair had an 18% increase in labor productivity. Unsurprisingly, the prestigious Wall Street Journal voted this chair the most ergonomic on the planet.

Vitra Headline. You can buy these creations of the Vitra company for 37 thousand rubles. Among the regular customers of this manufacturer are such giants as Lufthansa, Mercedes, Microsoft, Sony and Coca-Cola. The main advantage of the chair is the ability to look into the monitor, even while in a reclining position. It would seem impossible! If you try to do this trick on an ordinary cheap chair, then either the ceiling will appear, or you will have to pretty much strain your neck muscles to keep your head in the right position. But the Headline brand is equipped with a special flexible headrest. Thanks to him, you can constantly look at the screen. And the back of the chair naturally takes on exactly the same shape as the back of the owner. The product also turned out to be successful from an environmental point of view. The chair “cares” for the environment. Thus, only 1.5% of the materials contained in the chair cannot be recycled.

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