The most common superstitions

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Man conquered space and mastered computers. Omens are one of these threads.

And even though scientists prove that they have nothing reasonable and logical under them, people still believe in the power of certain events over the future. And just in case, we all believe in them.

Nothing can be done on Friday the 13th. This day is considered terrible. This belief most likely came from a free interpretation of the Old Testament. It is believed that it was on this day that Cain killed his brother, Abel. The legend has overgrown with myths and speculation over the years. So the number 13 became a symbol of misfortune and misfortune. Already in our time, superstition was fueled by the master of horrors Alfred Hitchcock. His sensational horror film was called "Friday, 13".

You can't pass anything across the threshold. This superstition has a completely historical basis. Once upon a time it was customary to keep the ashes of ancestors under the threshold and not disturb him. And the transmission of something through this place was considered simply dangerous. Therefore, simple sitting on the threshold is not recommended - after all, this is a kind of threshold between the worlds. On one side is a safe and familiar world, and on the other - a hostile and unknown. Or another interpretation of the division is possible - the threshold stands between the world of the living and the dead.

You can't go back half way. This superstition is also directly related to the threshold, with its function to divide the worlds. If a person returns without reaching his goal, he will be weakened near the threshold. It is then that danger lies in wait for him - disturbed spirits or even some otherworldly beings who dream of breaking into our world can disturb him.

You cannot give a watch. Although in our age technology has penetrated into all spheres of life, it is still not recommended to give a watch. Such a sign came from China. There, it is believed that a gift in the form of a watch is nothing more than an invitation to a funeral.

You can't celebrate the 40th anniversary. It can be assumed that the omen appeared thanks to the magic of the number "forty". Even in Kievan Rus it was customary to check the dead for incorruptibility. And in the 17th century, the deadline for the determination was set at 40 days.

You can't leave the house right away, you have to sit a little "on the path". This sign is based on the long-standing belief of people in good and evil spirits, which rule the whole world. It was believed that household spirits cling to a person, trying to bring him back, interfering with the road. These entities will do everything to prevent a person from having a good path. And if you sit down "on the path", then the spirits can be deceived. They will think that no one is going anywhere, they will lose control and let the person leave.

You can't eat with a knife. A knife has long been considered not only a tool of labor, but also a means of protection. At the same time, one can defend against both a real enemy and supernatural enemies. As a result, the knife turns into a magical item that requires special attention. It should be used only after performing special rituals. And just eating with a knife meant causing the anger of the spirits that make a person aggressive and evil. And there is a practical sense in such an omen - after all, you can cut yourself corny.

At the intersection, nothing can be picked up. They say that you can transfer your illness or misfortune to some thing, and then throw it at the crossroads, where the evil spirits will take it away. That is why you cannot take things at the intersection of roads. After all, in this way you take on other people's troubles. And the more expensive the found thing is, the more serious the misfortune or illness brought to it.

You can't walk in one shoe. This is a very old omen. Old people say that walking around in one slipper or shoe will lead to early orphanhood.

You can't take out the trash after sunset. This sign is very popular among men. Many people know her, but the roots of such a belief are poorly known. They say that taking out the trash in the evening will lead to gossip. Everyone will be interested - why does a person throw something out under the cover of darkness? Vigilant neighbors will not fail to discuss this situation. They also say that when you take out the trash in the evening, you are essentially throwing away money. However, this cannot be explained logically.

Do not sprinkle salt. The fact is that salt is an important magical element. With it, you can cleanse witchcraft items. Salt scattered on the floor is even considered a protective agent against evil spirits. On the other hand, salt is an ancient seasoning, it was one of the first that allowed a person to diversify the taste of his food. It is no coincidence that in many cultures salt was even considered a precious thing. Fierce conflicts have arisen over these white crystals. I visited salt and currency, and a preservative for storing food in warm countries. It was then that the omen was born that it was bad to scatter this valuable material.

You cannot whistle indoors. For a long time, whistling was considered an appeal to the other world and the call of evil spirits. Such a sign that it is interesting not only among the Slavs, but also in Japan. In some European countries, whistling is generally associated with a witch, being considered her tool. In Poland and Romania, they say that when a girl whistles, churches shake, and the Mother of God cries. Yes, and today whistlers are not particularly fond of - it is a symbol of bad manners, so bad actors are condemned. The whistle in the house indicates that there will be no money, and the sea means the coming storm. But for Americans, this sign is meaningless - they quietly whistle in their home.

Wish for health after sneezing. Usually, when a person sneezes nearby, even a stranger, it is customary to wish him health. And even if there is no threat of getting sick, there is such a sign. In fact, she has quite old roots. First of all, the physiological act threatens not the owner himself, but those around him. In the VI century, a deadly plague passed through Europe, and sneezing became one of its first symptoms. And in the Middle Ages, a woman who sneezed in a church was generally immediately declared a witch.

Cover your mouth when yawning. In fact, this is also not just a good manner, but also a long-standing superstition that has come down to us from our ancestors. They believed that the human soul is constantly in danger from evil spirits. That is why a wide-open mouth is a window for demons and evil spirits, through which they can easily get inside.

Meet a black cat. The black cat is a longtime participant in superstitions, and after all, even in ancient Egypt, they were revered as sacred animals. After the death of the pet, the whole family mourned, and then the mummified body was buried in a special cemetery. And the fear of the black cat came from England. There, at one time, these animals became very widespread and began to steal food from people. And those women who fed stray cats were suspected of witchcraft. As a result, the Murki themselves became something devilish. As a result of this terrible superstition, both humans and cats were sent to the stake.

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