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Meaning of the name

Elina translated from French means "hazelnut".


Elina as a child is an emotional, sensitive girl who has absolutely no control over her emotions.

Growing up, Elina becomes a purposeful, self-centered, emotionally agile woman. Elina has neither strong will nor firmness of character, but she knows how to manipulate others for her own good.

Elina is very artistic, she does not like to work, Elina is used to being admired and adored. If Elina's pride is hurt, she will suffer until she comes up with some dirty trick in revenge on the person who offended her.

Elina is not a predictable person, you should not rely on her. The only thing she does not change is her love of flattery, compliments and gifts.


Elina is sensual, sexy, gentle in communication with the opposite sex. She is very jealous and hot-tempered in a constant relationship with a man.

Elina prefers experienced men who are fluent in the technique of sex. Elina loves long caresses, kisses, erotic massage, but she does not want to do this herself, she is simply lazy. Elina believes that everyone should do the best for her, she is not obliged to do anything, because she is a princess.

With age, this attitude towards sex is somewhat smoothed out. Elina, during love joys, loves to listen to the most refined compliments and words of love from her partner's lips. Words turn her on faster than caresses themselves.

Elina is extremely impatient and intolerant in sex. Her chosen one must have a truly angelic character in order to calmly accept all her antics.

If Elina can learn to sometimes compromise her interests in order to understand how to please her partner, she will become an unsurpassed mistress.


Black Brown.

A rock

Black opal, jasper.

Zodiac sign



The sound of the name Elina gives the impression of something cold, solid.

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