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Meaning of the name

Eugene translated from Gypsy means "free wind".


As a child, Eugene is a healthy, intelligent, active child. Eugene loves outdoor games, he has a lot of friends. Eugene at school behaves diligently, studies well, but loves to fool around on the sly.

If he is convicted of belonging to a prank, Eugene so skillfully pretends to be an angel that adults immediately understand - well, such a cute child could not have done nasty things.

Growing up, Eugene becomes a tall, elegant, handsome, serious man, but his eyes are constantly read with an unsurpassed sense of humor and a slight mockery of the vanity of this world.

Eugene can work as an actor, geologist, archaeologist, historian. There are many bachelors among the Eugene. If Eugene marries, then for love and forever. Many children are born in the Eugene family.


Eugene is handsome, sexy, witty. He attracts women, but they are somewhat frightened by his mockery and free lifestyle.

Eugene is a gentle, ardent lover, he seeks to satisfy his partner only if he has real feelings for her. He always sincerely tells a woman everything that he thinks about her. Many people don't like this.

Eugene Treats sex with an unloved woman as a short process that relieves tension, but sex with his beloved for him is a long and mutual flight to seventh heaven. Eugene is so confident that he is completely incapable of jealousy. Jealous people make him laugh.



A rock


Zodiac sign

Taurus, Scorpio.


The sound of the name Eugene gives the impression of something cheerful, light, fast.

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