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Aaran - high mountain
Aaren - high mountain
Aarron - high mountain
Ab is the father of light
Abbot - father
Abbott is the father
Abei is the father of many
Abell the Shepherd
Abel the shepherd
Abnar is the father of light
Abner is the father of light
Abnor is the father of light
Abot is the father
Abbott is the father
Abram is the father
Abran is the father of many
Abraham is the father of many
Absalon - my father - the world
Averill - fighting hog
Adam - earth
Addam - earth
Addison - son of Adam
Aden - fire
Addison - son of Adam
Addison - son of Adam
Adlay - Jehovah is righteous
Adney - the island of the nobleman
Adolf is a noble wolf
Adrian - from Hadriya
Adair - Rich Spear
Adair - rich spear
Asia - eastern
Azelstan - a noble stone
Ayble - the shepherd
Isaac - laughing
Ike - laughing
Ak - oak grove
Akei is number one
Akerlea - oak grove
Akerley - oak grove
Akerli - oak grove
Aki is number one
Aklea - oak grove
Akley - oak grove
Akli - oak grove
Acton - oak thickets
Akel - noble from birth
Alan - handsome
Alastair - Defender of Humanity
Alastair - Defender of Humanity
Alvar - elf army
Alwen - Elf's Friend
Alvi is the elf's friend
Alvin is the elf's friend
Alvis - all wise
Algar - Elf Spear
Algernon - with a mustache
Aleister - protector of humanity
Alec - protector of humanity
Alex is the protector, or protector of humanity
Alexander is the protector of humanity
Alain - handsome
Aleister - defender of humanity
Algeria - elf spear
Alik - defender of humanity
Alix is ​​the protector of humanity
Alisander - Defender of Humanity
Alisdair - Defender of Humanity
Alissandre - protector of humanity
Alistair - protector of humanity
Alistair - Defender of Humanity
Allan - handsome
Allen is handsome
Allin is handsome
Allister - protector of humanity
Allister - protector of humanity
Allistair - Defender of Humanity
Alton - old town
Alf - elf
Alfonzo - noble
Alford - old river ford
Alfrid - Elf Council
Albert - bright nobility
Aldina is an old friend
Alpin - white
Altair - pilot
Alpha is the first letter of the alphabet
Alfie - Elf Council
Alfred - Elf Council
Aleister - protector of humanity
Aleistair - Protector of Humanity
Ambi - immortal
Ambrose - immortal
Amedeus - loving god
Amias - from Amiens
Amory - loving
Amos - having, carrying
Amyas - from Amiens
Anakin - kind, merciful
Angel - angel, messenger
Angus is the one, only choice
Anderson - son of Andrew
Angell - angel, messenger
Ange - angel, messenger
Anscom - stone valley
Anscombe - stone valley
Anson - son of Agnes
Antvan - invaluable
Antoine is invaluable
Arden - eagle valley
Arik - ruler
Aryl - the lion of god
Arin - the world
Arkell - helmet, eagle protection
Arlie - eagle forest
Arman is a brave, hardy man
Arn - the power of the eagle
Arne - the power of the eagle
Arnie - the power of the eagle
Arnold - the power of the eagle
Arran - high mountain
Arryn is a high mountain
Arron - high mountain
Art - man - bear, warrior, eagle Thor
Artie - man - bear, warrior, eagle Thor
Arthur - man - bear, warrior, eagle Thor
Archie is genuine courage
Archibald - genuine bravery
Aselet - noble from birth
Aceline the little noble
Aser - number one, first
Aston - eastern settlement
Afton - sweet Afton
Affton - Sweet Afton
Achill - hurting
Ash - ash
Asher - happy
Ashton - ash colony

Bad is a friend
Buddy is a friend
Baz - king or basil (herb)
Basil is the king
Byron - in cowsheds or covered barns
Bayard - red-brown or bright sunset
Buck is a courageous young man
Baxter - baker
Balder - prince
Baldrick is a brave ruler
Bambi - child
Baptist - Baptist
Bardolph - the bright wolf
Barium - king or basil (herb)
Barclay - birch forest
Barnabas is the son of a preacher
Barney is the son of a preacher and as brave as a bear
Barnaby is the son of a preacher
Barrett is a huckster
Barry is blond
Bart - son of Talmay
Bartholomew - son of Talmey
Bassett - a little short, low
Buster the destroyer
Bastian - from Sebeist (a city in Asia Minor)
Butch the butcher
Bevan is John's son
Beverly - beaver
Bevis is bright
Bedivir - Knower of Feats (King Arthur)
Babe - baby root
Bailey - Deputy Sheriff
Bailey - Deputy Sheriff
Ben - son of the south or blessed
Benjamin - son of the southern
Benji - son of the southern
Benedict - Blessed
Benet - the blessed one
Bennett - sacred
Benny is the son of the south and Benedict blessed
Bennie - son of the south and Benedict blessed
Benson is Ben's son
Bentley - cleansing
Benton - grassy meadow
Beoregard - a beautiful perspective
Birdt - fortified settlement
Berengar - Bear Spear
Berenger - Bear Spear
Beret - huckster
Bernard - bold as a bear
Bernie - bold as a bear
Berry - blond
Bert is bright
Bertie is bright
Burton - fortified settlement
Bertram is a bright raven
Bertrand is a bright raven
Beavis - shining
Bill - helmet
Billy - helmet
Bissh - bush
Biff - fist blow
Blaine - small yellow-skinned
Blizé - cheerful, happy
Bliss - joy, happiness
Blaze - lisping
Blake - black
Blaine is a little yellow-skinned
Blair is a battlefield
Bob is famous
Bobby - famous
Baldwin is a brave friend
Bollard - bald, rounded like a ball
Beaumont is a beautiful mountain
Boniface is a good destiny
Boris - fighter, warrior
Bradley - wide woodland
Braeden - salmon
Brian is strength
Brion - strength
Branden - broom-covered hill
Brandon - broom-covered hill
Brannon - broom-covered hill
Braden - salmon
Braidn - salmon
Brendan the prince
Brenden - prince
Brandon - Prince
Brennan - Prince
Brent Hill
Brenton - burning city
Bret - Breton
Brett - Breton
Briard - Rosehip
Brion - strength
Bris - multicolored, spotted, variegated
Briscoe - birch forest
Britton - from UK
Brigham - Bridge House
Broderick is a dream
Brody is a dirty place
Brose - the immortal
Brock is a badger
Bront - thunder
Brody is a dirty place
Broke - stream, stream
Brook - stream, stream
Brooks - from the stream
Bruno - brown
Brutus - hard
Bryant - strength
Brad is an abbreviation for longer names starting with "Brad"
Brady - wide chested
Bradford - wide ford
Braden - salmon
Brady - wide chested
Bram is a father of many children
Bran - Broomstick Hill
Bruce - forest or thicket
Bruyus - multicolored, spotted, variegated
Booze - contempt
Booker - binder, scribe
Bew - handsome
Bailey - Deputy Sheriff

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