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Meaning of the name

Evdokim in translation from ancient Greek means "glorious".


Diminutive name for Evdokim: Evdokim-ka, Kimka. Evdokusha, finally, Evdia - will always sound discordant and this, of course, complicates communication, and therefore it is hardly surprising if from childhood Evdokim will be distinguished by his taciturnity, at times giving the impression of a closed or even unsociable person.

Of course, this does not at all mean that Evdokim treats others badly, on the contrary, he is good-natured enough, capable of sympathy, just the name more inclines him to carry his impressions and experiences in himself.

At the same time, in some cases, when feelings begin to overwhelm him too much, he is able to unexpectedly transform, which often happens at some holidays and friendly parties, but more often after a quick surge, he again withdraws into himself.

In general, all this leads to the fact that outwardly Evdokim seems to be a rather balanced and serious person, however, behind this calm mask, very deep feelings can ripen. First of all, this, of course, is reflected in self-esteem, because resentments, having no external way out, often begin to accumulate and strengthen in the soul.

The same applies to other feelings, which, having found a place for themselves in the heart of Evdokim, begin to differ with surprising constancy, and therefore concepts such as friend or foe mean quite a lot to him.

This constancy characterizes Evdokim in almost everything. In business, he is unusually patient and persistent, thanks to which he is able to achieve significant success in work. The only pity is that his silence often makes him invisible, which usually interferes with his career. In addition, Evdokim does not adapt well to new circumstances for himself.

Sometimes he takes the collapse of his own plans too hard, and when he has to start from scratch again, and even in new conditions, he can become depressed.

Being an excellent owner and distinguished by the constancy of his feelings in the family, he can still create a rather difficult atmosphere in the house with his silence. When he wants not to complicate his life, he still does not interfere with learning more openness and cheerfulness.

It is rather difficult to carry on any empty conversations with Evdokim, but it is very easy to work. Moreover, the more they try to get him to talk, the less chances of normal communication with him. But he knows how to listen well, and that's a lot! Moreover, imperceptibly for himself, listening to you, he himself can talk.

They have golden hands, all the work on home improvement is on their shoulders, they can independently disassemble and assemble the car, but they do not like to be pushed. They work slowly but surely. Rather couch potatoes. But in the company they are cheerful, they sing, they know how to play the accordion, the guitar. They create a strong family.


Evdokim seems very modest, sometimes somewhat timid, a woman does not immediately discern masculine strength in him. Meanwhile, he is temperamental and sexually active enough. He often changes partners, but prefers not to talk about his love affairs. He is able to give happiness to each of his many friends, albeit for a short time.

However, he is not omnivorous: of course, he prefers experienced partners, but if he needs to choose between one that is fluent in the technique of sex, but is primitive, low-cultured, and a woman, much less experienced, but highly educated, in whom he feels a spiritual relationship, - Evdokim will certainly prefer the second.

He owns the art of sexual love and, with intimacy, always reaches orgasm simultaneously with his partner, carefully listening to her erotic experiences. The crown of intimacy for him is the coming feeling of spiritual and physical satisfaction, deep gratitude to his partner.



A rock


Zodiac sign



The sound of the name Evdokim gives the impression of something weak, quiet, fast.

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