The most expensive Christmas trees in the world

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The main decoration of the New Year is the Christmas tree. Wishing to captivate guests with luxury, the Christmas trees are cast from pure gold, bottles with unique alcoholic drinks are hung on them, and decorated with diamonds.

For example, there is an interesting tradition in the London Claridge's hotel. It is they who must make an unusual Christmas tree that would delight guests.

As a result, the festive atmosphere in the hotel is created by people like Callie Ellis, John Galliano and Albert Elbaz. As a result, Santa Claus himself would be surprised at such luxury.

Christmas tree in precious stones. The most expensive Christmas tree in history was installed at the Emirates Palace, a premium hotel in Abu Dhabi. It happened in 2010, and the cost of the festive facility was $ 11 million. The tree itself, though carefully selected, cost “only” a few thousand dollars. The main cost fell on Christmas tree decorations. When creating them, the owners did not skimp on gold, diamonds, pearls, emeralds and sapphires. Not only the ornate balls themselves were hung on the tree, but also jewelry - necklaces, bracelets and watches. It is a little strange why we celebrate the New Year in a Muslim country with such luxury. However, the fact is that the hotel administration is guided not by national traditions, but by the requests and tastes of wealthy clients. The hotel even has a vending machine that sells gold bars. A private jet is included in the price of some guests.

Golden Christmas tree. Such a New Year's symbol costs about $ 4.2 million. I must say that the jeweler from Japan Ginza Tanaka quite regularly surprises the audience with her themed Christmas precious wonders. In 2007, he created a golden Santa Claus weighing 20 kilograms. The next year it was time to create a golden tree. Then it cost about $ 1.5 million. But soon the master surpassed his own achievement. A new, heavier tree appeared in the jeweler's company store. This time it took 40 kilograms of yellow metal to create the festive tree. In appearance, this spruce looks more like a multi-storey carousel. Only there are no horses here, their places were taken by 50 figures of famous Disney characters. In addition to Cinderella, The Little Mermaid, Pinocchio, there is also Mickey Mouse. I must say that Tanaka is especially not indifferent to this little mouse - several years ago even a golden copy of this cartoon character was created.

Flower tree. Flowers can also be very expensive. It turns out that for a tree to be worth a lot of money, it doesn't have to be tall and decorated with gold. So, in 2007, a tiny Christmas tree appeared on sale in the Japanese retail chain Takashimaya. Only a millionaire could afford to buy it. The fact is that the French flower boutique Claude Quincaud took part in the design development. The small tree cost $ 1.8 million. It consisted of several hundred small dried roses. On the petals of each of them lay diamonds, originally from Australia and South Africa. In total, about 400 precious stones with a total weight of 100 carats were placed on the trees. Along with the tree was also offered a Teddy bear, decorated with a diamond pendant. True, for some reason there were no rich people who wanted to buy such a cute Christmas set.

Diamond tree. Despite the age of tradition, today it is considered obsolete to hang toys on the Christmas tree. After all, diamonds will look much better on it. It was this logic that was guided by the masters from the Singapore jewelry house Soo Kee. They managed to create a diamond tree worth a million dollars. To decorate the tree, 21798 diamonds were used, with a total weight of 913 carats. The slender branches contained 3762 crystal beads. And to fully illuminate such splendor, it took as many as 500 bulbs. The height of the New Year's beauty was six meters, and as a result she weighed three tons. The tree was installed in a large shopping center, it was guarded around the clock. Fortunately, there were no people willing to borrow expensive jewelry.

Capitol tree. What is the most important tree in the United States? Usually called the Christmas tree, which stands in the heart of New York at Rockefeller Plaza. But another worthy competitor is fighting for this title - a spruce, installed near the Capitol building in Washington. The tree is grown in a nursery and then transported to the government house, sometimes across the country. The height of this forest beauty sometimes exceeds 20 meters. To decorate the giantess, thousands of lamps are used, which still need to be painstakingly fixed on thorny branches. As a result, the transportation of a large spruce, its installation and registration cost the state a million dollars. But the tree brings so much joy that no one is sorry for this money. Even the solemn ceremony of lighting the lights is itself considered a small holiday.

Christmas tree from Swarovski. Everyone knows who is the main specialist in rhinestones - this is the Swarovski company. To confirm its reputation, the manufacturer annually releases original Christmas trees. To the delight of fans, these works of art shine with all the colors of the rainbow. The most famous and expensive one was installed in 2010 in the center of Hong Kong. The creation of a thirty-meter cone cost 500 thousand dollars. On the edge of the spruce, there was a pattern made up of 20 million silver and gold Swarovski crystals. They were taken on a special flight from Austria. I must say that during the day this tree did not look particularly impressive, but in the evening and at night the backlight turned on. She made the tree very effective. Tourists even said that from afar, the shining cone could even be mistaken for a skyscraper.

Charity tree. Usually, Christmas trees only bring aesthetic benefits. American jeweler Steve Quick decided to change this concept. His Christmas tree is also meant to be practical. The half-million-dollar Christmas tree is crafted from 18-carat gold and covered with diamond scatterings depicting crisp snow. At the top of such a festive object is a platinum star with a 4.52 carat diamond. The beautiful tree stayed in the shop window for a couple of weeks, and then the creator put it up for sale on eBay. The money raised from the sale went to charity - the American Cancer Society. The jeweler also took care of those who simply could not afford an expensive purchase. Steve Quick created budget options - gilded and silver-plated miniature copies of a Christmas tree, costing $ 20 and $ 25, respectively.

Christmas tree from Tiffany. Another famous jewelry brand also took part in the creation of the New Year tree. In Milan, most of the inhabitants tend to leave during the Christmas season either from the city, or even from the country altogether. However, something happened in 2010 that caused many to change their habits and stay at home. Residents of Milan argued their decision by the fact that a new city landmark appeared on the Piazza del Duomo. This is a tree donated to the city by the Tiffany & Co. The tree was decorated with ten thousand lanterns, and next to it there was a jewelry store, decorated in the style of that very famous pale turquoise box. The construction of such a spruce cost the jewelers 350 thousand euros. It is not known whether they were able to compensate for these funds through sales, especially since part of the funds went to charity. But there were clerics who expressed dissatisfaction with the participation of a commercial organization in the light traditions of the beloved Christian holiday.

Alcoholic tree. In the fashionable London Sofitel hotel they know that one of the most popular traditions at this holiday season is abundant alcoholic libations. They are just as important as the exchange of gifts. In 2010, an unusual Christmas tree appeared in the hotel lobby. It was a dark gray metal structure. There was no place on the tree for candles and festive balls, instead of them there were small bottles of Louis XIII cognac. They were created by hand by the craftsmen of the Baccarat company, which is considered one of the world leaders in the production of crystal products. At the top of the tree is an exclusive blue chandelier. Such an unusual alcoholic tree cost 35 thousand pounds. And the hotel guests had the opportunity to order a Christmas spa program, costing 2,900 pounds. In addition to the procedures themselves, it also included an original gift - an exquisite crystal jewelry from Baccarat.

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