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It is very prestigious to have an expensive dog in the highest circles. But among the expensive breeds there are also hunting breeds - greyhounds, hounds, cops.

And the most expensive puppies cost a fortune. Sometimes it seems that investors who have become disillusioned with stock market games would do well to take up cynology and start breeding rare and expensive breeds.

As practice shows, dog trading can bring very good money, moreover, such an activity is calmer than stock market rush. Here are the most expensive breeds, for which the rich give a lot of money with joy.

Tibetan mastiff. This breed is officially considered the most expensive in the world today. One puppy on the market is estimated at $ 2.2-7 thousand. The representative of this breed has become the most expensive dog in the world. A dog named Big Splash was bought by a coal tycoon from China for $ 1.5 million. This breed is considered to be very ancient. Aristotle and Marco Polo also admired Tibetan mastiffs. Tibetan Mastiffs are distinguished by truly Tibetan calmness, their character is balanced. This is one of the few dogs that is able to live in a family and perfectly guard the house. Tibetan Mastiffs are very trainable. Also, representatives of this breed hate confined spaces - give them space or at least large enclosures. And the weight of the largest mastiffs can reach one hundred kilograms.

French mastiff. The second line belongs to the European brother of the Tibetan, also known as the Dogue de Bordeaux. For a French Mastiff puppy, they ask for about 3 thousand dollars. It is believed that the breed emerged from a mixture of Bordeaux guard dogs and English mastiffs. Dogue de Bordeaux were initially taught to hunt, and then used as shepherd's assistants and fighting dogs. Since this breed has a shorter coat, it is easier to care for. Adult dogs are highly valued among dog handlers. The French Mastiff stands out for its strength and self-confidence. This breed has always been considered an indicator of wealth and high social status of their owners.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi. This breed has earned the right to be called a real royal. It spread to Wales as early as the 10th century, initially serving as shepherds. According to legend, fairies used to ride on small dogs, which was expressed by a mark in the form of a saddle on the back. The Duke of York brought them fame, who gave two puppies to his daughters in 1933, one of them eventually became Queen Elizabeth II. Since then, the Queen of England has owned about 30 of these dogs. Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppies are available for a symbolic price of a thousand dollars, but the most thoroughbred dogs with a rich pedigree will cost much more. Among the famous owners of the Welsh Corgi, one can mention Stephen King, Jennifer Aniston, Liza Minnelli, Fyodor Bondarchuk.

Saluki. The average cost of representatives of this breed is 2.5 thousand dollars. Another name for such dogs is a gazelle dog. It is one of the oldest breeds known to man. It has not changed for several thousand years. The roots of saluki go back to the civilization of Ancient Egypt, the Arabs called these animals "Noble". Saluki were used in a pack along with hounds on hunting. The breed has long been considered aristocratic. It was not customary to sell saluki, they were presented to the most respected people. Often these dogs were even allowed to sleep on the owner's bed, they were treated to the most delicious pieces. At the withers, the size of saluki is 58-71 cm, and they weigh 20-30 kg. This is a very gentle and friendly dog, devoted to its owner.

Chow Chow. The average price for representatives of this ancient breed starts at $ 1,000. But no one is surprised by the price tag of 8 thousand, and elite puppies can cost even more. The real name of the breed in Chinese sounds like Songshi Quan, which means "dog - shaggy lion". The origin of the Chow Chow most likely comes from the Spitz, but it is possible that there are also admixtures of the Tibetan Mastiff in the breed. Chow-chow lovers say that the dog comes from bears, the blue-black tongue speaks about it. Legends say that such dogs were even eaten in China, in fact, hybrids were brought into food. Real Chow Chows were used as guards and big game hunters. The breed is very successfully used as pets, because the Chow Chow has an affable and friendly character. The dog is loyal to the family and owner. But it does not differ in activity, the chow-chow is quite enough and the area of ​​the room.

Egyptian pharaoh dog. Not only saluki can boast of their involvement in Ancient Egypt. This breed is very ancient, it stands out for its elegance and beauty. Images of pharaoh dogs are found even in the tombs of the ancient rulers of Egypt. Today a puppy of this breed costs from 2.5 to 6.5 thousand dollars. At one time, the dog was taken out specifically for hunting. Phoenician merchant ships transported the breed to Malta, where they have remained virtually unchanged over the centuries. Only on this island now you can buy purebred puppies. It is a large dog that adores movement and large open spaces. The Egyptian Pharaoh Dog is smart, playful, and gets along with children.

English bulldog. This breed was developed relatively recently, in the second half of the 19th century. She is distinguished by a pronounced personality. The English Bulldog is even considered a symbol of his country, embodying the image of a real gentleman. The dog looks conservative, unperturbed, somewhat phlegmatic. A puppy can be purchased for about $ 2,500, but sometimes the price for a dog goes up to $ 9,000. The ugly and clumsy appearance is deceiving. Indeed, in the process of development, the decorative and guard dog appeared from the fighting dog. English Bulldogs are mobile and love to play with people. It is not difficult to keep them at home, because the phlegmatic character only plays into the hands of the owner.

Canadian Eskimo dog. These dogs cannot be called aristocratic, because their habitat is not palaces, but the North. But the cost of puppies can reach 7 thousand dollars. The Canadian Eskimo dog was bred specifically for extreme conditions, transportation of goods and people. These dogs are capable of working where others will simply freeze. In addition, dogs are able to find their own food. Only all these skills need to be educated from the very puppy age. But in the city such dogs have nothing to do, their working skills are not in demand, the temperature regime is too different, which leads to physical inactivity. By 1963, the breed was practically extinct, only a few of its representatives remained in Canada. But people were able to save a unique dog.

Louchen. This French breed is also called the Lyon Bichon. Representatives are called little lions, as there is a fashion to shear such dogs "under the lion". Puppies of this rare breed cost 4-8 thousand dollars. In 1960, the number of lowchens was so low that it was even included in the Guinness Book of Records as the rarest dog. Lyons-Bichons are small, at the withers they reach 25-33 cm, and weigh 5-7 kg. The average age of their life is 15 years. The breed was bred as a companion, so the dog feels great both in a large house and in an apartment. The character of the animal is bright and playful, but the owner must be prepared for a regular run for the pet's fur. It is believed that Lyons Bichons are excellent objects for cash investments. There is always a high demand for puppies, as there are very few purebred dogs with a good pedigree.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Spaniels are very loved and popular all over the world. Among them, the very expensive Cavalier King Charles Spaniel stands out. Puppies of this breed on the market cost from 1 to 14 thousand dollars. And it is named after the English king Charles II. He loved his pets so much that he went everywhere with a couple of such dogs. A special decree was even issued, according to which the King Charles Spaniel must be adopted in any public place and even in parliament. The dog is present in many portraits of real aristocrats. This is a very affectionate and friendly dog. Its main task is to calm its owner and warm him in the cold. Each crowned breed had several of these companion dogs, which were treated like little children. Today, the royal breed has become fashionable among simply rich and respectable people.

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