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In order to create a full-fledged family, the state itself needs to create decent conditions so that young families can have the opportunity to develop. However, young people themselves should strive to ensure that there is well-being in the family.

Usually women are most eager to create a real family than men, for whom freedom is sometimes more important than becoming a family man. However, in many countries, men, on the contrary, are currently looking for stability in relationships, they have a desire to have a close and beloved person nearby, who will always support and will always be there.

The only problem that exists today is that men devote too little of their time to raising children. Women have a lot of concerns, especially at the present time. Firstly, this is the creation of a normal, stable environment in the house, housekeeping, raising children, work, which practically all women devote a lot of time to. There are fewer and fewer housewives. Every woman would like to see her spouse as often as possible with children.

In Lithuania, there is a provision when a man can take parental leave and receive an allowance for this. This makes life easier for the mother, especially since many fathers are happy to agree to such responsibilities. In addition, there are still quite a lot of large families in the country, although modern youth are trying to change this situation and stop at one or two children.

Until now, there have been no problems with the birth rate in Lithuania, but everything can change if today's attitude towards a large number of children in the family becomes a reality, and fewer children are born. However, still, in the case when two or three children are brought up in a family, the father's ability to take parental leave is quite convenient. This gives the woman a little rest from her duties and the opportunity to return to work, especially if the woman holds a fairly high position.

Basically, in Lithuanian families, the breadwinner is a man who must provide a comfortable existence for his wife and his children. Before thinking about children, parents try to create a sufficient material base. Family planning in this case is now becoming very fashionable, because raising children in insufficient conditions is becoming more and more difficult. The age of men and women who enter into marriage is increasing.

If you look into every Lithuanian family, you can see the almost equal rights of both spouses. There are no strict restrictions, because spouses are more striving for equality in relationships and the position of the owner or mistress here increasingly recedes into the background.

Family is mutual respect, love and just understanding of each other. You can't talk about whose work is harder and harder, because everyone does what they can and are able to do.

In Lithuania, they are very serious about keeping families full, because raising children is very difficult for one parent. Apart from the usual child support, there is no longer any support for a single mother or father in the country. Divorce is the most extreme method when cohabitation is no longer possible for serious reasons.

In this regard, children's homes in Lithuania have a very high level of development, so that children left without parents can feel love and affection. Orphanages do not even look like state institutions, because everything in them speaks of a real home, in which there is always parental warmth and affection, care for each child. Children do not feel lack of anything, all employees of orphanages try to give as much warmth and care as they could give to their own children.

Not less attention is paid to the elderly in Lithuania, for whom nursing homes are being opened. Not all children can pay enough attention to their parents and nursing homes - this is the best way out.

At first glance, all this suggests that in Lithuania they do not care very much about their own children and parents, but this is not so. A woman will never abandon her children, even if it is difficult and very difficult for her to raise them alone. Even other people's children, women pay no less attention than their own. The same goes for parents. Whenever possible, children always take their parents to themselves, or one of the children stays in their parents' house in order to become a support for them in old age.

Every Lithuanian family is the guardians of traditional national customs, which are preserved and passed on in an unchanged state through one generation to another. Knowledge is passed on to children at a very early age, so that they can gradually fully realize everything for which they must honor, which they must also preserve and pass on to their children in due time. Children are not brought up in severity, but still, parents for them are an indisputable authority and to disobey their parents means simply treating them with disrespect.

Not a single event in the life of a Lithuanian child or teenager happens without the whole family gathering and discussing it in order to make a decision. The child's learning also becomes a topic of discussion because parents think in advance about what will be best for their children and where they can best be sent to study.

Almost ideal family relations in Lithuania are achieved through mutual agreement between spouses, when both are involved in upbringing, both can do household chores and understand each other like no other. Knowing how difficult it is for each of them, the spouses become closer and begin to realize that a strong family is possible only when there is understanding of each other.


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