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Meaning of the name

Fedor translated from ancient Greek means "God's gift".


As a child, Fedor is stubborn, silent and a little gloomy. Fedor usually watches other children play, but does not like to play himself. Fyodor is neat, everything is laid out on the shelves.

Fedor is a good student, diligent. Cannot stand dirt and disorder, having stained shoes, immediately runs to wash them, immediately sews the torn off button. Fedor is not willing to communicate with peers, especially when it comes to cheating on his test work, or homework.

Growing up, Fedor becomes an independent, consistent, accurate person. He is a reliable and thorough worker. Fyodor is benevolent, but does not let anyone close to him.

Fedor never stays with his colleagues at work for a glass of beer - after the end of the working day, he immediately goes home. Fyodor's house and car are always kept in perfect order.

Fyodor chooses his wife for a long time and in detail. His wife must be faithful, serious, orderly. Usually both Fedor and his half are "tight" with a sense of humor. Fedor is loyal to his wife.


Fedor, later than his peers, tastes the sweet fruit of sex. The youthful experiences of his friends are alien to him. Fedor does not like haste and unnecessary fuss. He builds his sex life very thoroughly. Fedor will never allow sexual relations to interfere with his plans in achieving his life goals.

Sex, according to Fedor, should lead to the achievement of inner comfort and tranquility, physical relaxation. Sex with his beloved wife is what does not cause negative thoughts and emotions in Fedor.

Fedor is jealous, but does not throw scandals and hysterics about this. He is able to break off a relationship with a woman because of only one suspicion, without explaining anything to her. Moreover, he often turns out to be wrong, but it is difficult to convince him.

Although Fedor prefers to marry a serious, modest woman, she must still have a violent temperament, be sensual and passionate with him, and only with him!



A rock


Zodiac sign

Aries, Gemini, Cancer, Libra, Leo, Capricorn, Aquarius.


The sound of the name Fedor gives the impression of something complex, weak, rough.

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