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The history of the famous toy manufacturer dates back to 1930. They registered a company in the American city of East Aurora, not far from New York.

Price became the first executive director. It is worth noting the role of Hellen Schelle in that endeavor. The woman worked in a toy store in New York for many years, with a lot of valuable experience.

In 1931, consumers already saw the first 16 toys that were made of wood. The time of the Great Depression was not the best for starting a new business, but enthusiasts were able to show samples of their products at the International Fair in New York. These were toys that portrayed the characters in the book by Margaret Price - Dr. Doodle and his grandmother, ducks in a top hat and a tuxedo.

The creators originally intended to make such toys, which would have an interesting design, a solid base and a reasonable price. So it all happened, as evidenced by the popularity of toys among children. In 1950, Fisher-Price became active in plastics, becoming a pioneer among toy manufacturers.

Immediately 39 new models appeared on the basis of new material. In 1960, Irving Price left his leadership position, and the company itself was sold in 1969 to a major food manufacturer, the Quaker Oats Company of Chicago. At the same time, the second founder, Hermann Fischer, resigned from the presidency.

It wasn't until 1991 that the toy maker was able to get out of the Quaker wing. One, after a couple of years, "Fisher-Price" became part of the large brand Mattel Inc. This company, in particular, owns such well-known brands as Barbie and Matchbox. Moving under the wing of an international giant allowed the products of the American manufacturer to enter foreign markets. Fisher-Price branches appeared in Europe, Asia, Latin America.

Today the Fisher-Price company is one of the leaders in the creation of games and toys for children. Her creations have repeatedly received awards at various international competitions. In addition, the company's website is in the top ten of those dedicated to toys. During the existence of "Fisher-Price", more than 5 thousand different names of children's products have been produced.

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