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Meaning of the name

Greta means "pearl" in German.


This name, most likely, will call her daughter a dreamy intelligent woman, a fan of the unique Greta Garbo, a movie star of the 30s. Parents strive to give the girl a good education, to fully develop her abilities: she studies music, goes in for sports, and takes foreign language lessons.

He grows up as an artistic child, loves everything beautiful. In almost everything she looks like her father, this is my father's daughter. An independent girl has her own opinion on everything.

Greta grows up kind and warm, but her kindness is not unlimited, she is smart enough not to allow her kindness to be exploited. She is jealous, but, ashamed of this weakness of hers, suffering in her soul, she tries to play the role of an emancipated woman who gives complete freedom to her partner.

Greta can become an actress or researcher, museum employee. Women with this name achieve success wherever feminine tact, caution and determination are needed. They are diplomatic, do not like to act head-on, preferring workarounds.

These women have a spirit of contradiction. Failures are hard, sometimes explode with anger, but soon they again take a journey towards the same goal. Hortense is not arrogant or self-confident, often just timid.

They do everything according to the conceived and established plan. They carefully choose their profession, educational institution and persistently move towards the goal. They enjoy difficult and dangerous professions that require risk. For example, they can become aviators.

They have a presentiment of the future, sometimes they have amazing visions in this regard, but they cannot always use this to their advantage. They love to criticize others, but without sarcasm or intent. They are very susceptible, but do not like manifestations of feelings.

Those born in winter are more talented than others. They are somewhat straightforward, act without taking into account the opinions of others, may not notice that they are offending someone's interests, or simply do not reckon with them. If they come across husbands with a similar character, nothing good comes of the marriage. But in principle, Greta knows how to control her feelings, and in any situation she does not part with a smile.

She manages to maintain both mental and physical health for a long time. These women have few friends. Greta doesn't let anyone into her inner world.


It often seems that social, professional life completely overshadows their personal life. Their sexuality manifests itself on condition of absolute trust in the partner, they are very afraid of his betrayal.

Her sensitivity is very high, she manifests itself in everything that concerns her partner, Greta is worried about his clothes, voice, smell.

Greta's love is fraught with deep intimacy, she wants to be alone with her feeling, without initiating anyone into it. She is very touching and gentle in sex, not burdened with complexes. She likes a man older than her in age, with great sexual experience, who knows how to talk in a fun way. She likes to feel weak and small with him.



A rock


Zodiac sign



The sound of the name Greta gives the impression of something angular, courageous, strong, mighty, mobile, fast, bright.

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