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Aalona - high mountain
Ayokua - god - salvation
Akamu - earth
Akoni is invaluable
Anaconi is invaluable

Bane is a welcome child

Jacopa the oppressor
Ikeia - god - salvation
Ikeika - strong
Iukini - Well Born

Kalani - heaven, heaven
Kaleo - sound, voice
Kana is the name of the demigod Maui, who could take the form of a rope
Canoa - free
Capono is fair
Capena - captain
Kekipi - rebel
Kekoa is brave
Kelowm is a holy name
Keoki - peasant
Keokolo - a gift from God
Keoni is a good god
Kiviheulu - cool breeze over the mountains
Kimo the oppressor
Kinu - cool
Kihi - fire
Coy - conviction
Conani is bright
Kay - sea
Cale is a human
Kayla - style
Kaymana - Ocean Power
Camie is a seeker

Liko - fetus

Makani - the wind
Macayo - a gift from God
Mano is a passionate shark
Meilko - warlike
Mikala - who is like a god?
Moke - born son

Neichl - forest

Oak the deer lover

Pelek is a peaceful ruler
Peni is the son of the southern
Pica - rock, stone
Pilipo - horse lover

Ekewoka - Guardian of Prosperity

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