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Meaning of the name

Clement translated from ancient German means "meek, soft".


As a child, Clement is a calm, obedient child who does not cause much trouble for parents. Clement studies well, loves to read, loves to tinker with animals.

Clement has many friends, he is fond of technical creativity and aircraft modeling. The character inherits from the mother, although outwardly it is very similar to the father.

Growing up, Clement becomes a good-natured, moderately modest, docile person. He is always ready to help a person in an unpleasant situation, he does it completely disinterestedly.

He is appreciated at work and with his family. Clement's friends consider him a very reliable and kind friend. Clement is respected everywhere and enjoys undeniable authority.

Clement, born in summer, is calm and reasonable. He can achieve certain success in the work of a lawyer, teacher and economist.

Clement, born in winter, is talented, but has a complex character, it is not easy for him in life.

Married Clement is happy, his house is always full of guests.


Clement is distinguished by marital fidelity and a jealous, somewhat stubborn character. Wife absolutely does not accept adultery. When dealing with a woman, the main thing for him is spiritual closeness, mutual understanding and respect, the same intellectual interests.

Clement is not indifferent to sex, but does not like to advertise his connections, does not tolerate conversations on intimate topics with friends. He can take care of a woman for a long time, meet with her, show various signs of attention before deciding on intimacy.

Although by nature Clement is reserved and timid with women, he can make the most risky decisions. He is noble, no matter what happens, his chosen one can always rely on him. In any situation, he knows how not to lose his presence of mind. He is sentimental and romantic, his reliability gives a woman confidence and has an exciting effect on her.

A narrow-minded woman, not capable of deep feelings, cannot win his trust, his subtle intuition protects him from many disappointments and deception. Clement wants to be sure that his girlfriend belongs exclusively to him, and only then is he able to feel the fullness of sexual experiences.

He makes high demands on his wife. Clement is very afraid to make a mistake in choosing a wife, because an unsuccessful marriage can unsettle him for a long time and deprive him of a sense of confidence.



A rock


Zodiac sign

Pisces, Leo, Scorpio.


The sound of the name Clement gives the impression of something soft, round.

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