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Meaning of the name

Kondrat in translation from ancient German means "broad-shouldered".


Since childhood, Kondrat is distinguished by some rudeness and overestimated self-esteem. Kondrat is a good student at school, he does not have very many friends, since the boy is not very sociable and kind in relation to his peers.

Kondrat always has his own opinion on any matter, and Kondrat considers this opinion to be the only correct one. His ambition and strong character help to achieve good heights in career growth.

Most of all, Kondrat gravitates towards professions related to technology and the exact sciences. Kondrat is hardworking and has an increased ability to work. He is respected and appreciated in the team.

The qualities that Kondrat values ​​in people are accuracy and commitment. Kondrat himself likes to dress up a little pretentiously, but he makes fun of other people who try to dress in this style.

In the family, Kondrat is somewhat despotic and rude, but behind this rudeness lies endless love and a kind heart.


Kondrat loves women and is always tuned in to a gentle and long-term relationship with them. He sees sex as a stimulus to life that helps him gain self-confidence. Kondrat values ​​in a woman, first of all, kindness, loyalty and thrift.

Kondrat does not feel a great need for foreplay, and he himself is not always ready to caress a woman, gradually igniting the fire of passion in her.

Sometimes Kondrat simply feels the need to relieve sexual tension, relax and come into contact with a woman in order to find spiritual comfort. He worries that his girlfriend is relaxed and sexually experienced enough.

With women, he is not very courteous, but they are most likely attracted by his certain rude magnetism and charming good nature. After parting with a woman, he can maintain friendly relations.


The black.

A rock


Zodiac sign

A lion.


The sound of the name Kondrat gives the impression of something complex, powerful.

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