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Meaning of the name

Christina is translated from ancient Greek as "Christian".


As a child, Christina is a very lively, smart, girl. She has an excellent memory, loves to observe, listen and remembers everything.

Christina gives the impression of a timid and shy girl, but this is far from the case. Christina takes a long time to make decisions, she is not very mobile. She is sociable, cheerful, quickly converges with new people.

Christina does not tolerate criticism, but loves compliments, they can simply melt away from them.

Christina is always somewhat self-confident, she believes that her work deserves the best awards and universal recognition. She is able to use people for her own purposes, not considering it something shameful.

Christina is a good worker, but there is always a lot of gossip around her. Christina will not be able to work as a leader, she is too susceptible to flattery, and sometimes she is unfair.

Christina marries early, usually to a wealthy, confident man who is able to control her. Christina becomes a loving wife, a good housewife, a wonderful mother.

However, her husband should not give her too much freedom, her daydreaming and somewhat drunken worldview can significantly spoil family happiness and her reputation.

Christina can work as an art critic, musician, designer, physician.


Christina is an ideal friend, she is devoted, ingenuous, does not demand the impossible from a man. Christina is quite easy to communicate, she naturally keeps herself in any society.

If he is really fond of a man, then everything is given to him, without a trace. In marriage, she needs to be slightly controlled and guided.

Christina is almost never lonely, but not every man can find sexual consent.

Sex is not the last in Christina's life. She is sensual, curious, longing for new sensations. Christina does not control herself very well, in moments of intimacy she discards absolutely all conventions.

Christina is usually pretty, she has the ability to tie a man to her, but her heart is absolutely defenseless against male infidelity, cruelty, and deceit.

Kristina's kindness, hospitality and love of life, as well as some naivety, are very good for him, the man feels especially good with this woman.

In sex, she is selfless, she does not like to command. During love games, she enjoys telling her partner about her feelings and encouraging him.

Winning Christina's love is not as easy as it might seem; only a very intelligent man with a strong character is capable of subduing her.



A rock


Zodiac sign

Virgo, Gemini, Capricorn.


The sound of the name Christina gives the impression of something angular, rough.

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