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Meaning of the name

Liana in translation from Greek means "strict", "sad song".


Little Liana has a rather peaceful character, is very active, sociable, she has many friends, especially among boys. She studies well, but does not differ in perseverance. She has the ability to music and drawing, sings well, dances, plastic and artistic.

The adult Liana is proud and proud, does not like to "pour out her soul", preferring to solve all her problems on her own. You can safely entrust her with a secret without fear that someone will know your secret. But she is not inclined to listen to other people's secrets.

She is extremely emotional, has an unstable nervous system, is very vulnerable, but she will never show that someone's words or actions are unpleasant to her. Envious of others' successes.

Most often, Liana chooses the work of a teacher (music, drawing, physical education), a rhythmic gymnastics coach or an assistant secretary.


Liana is charming, mysterious, sexy and feminine. Prefers the company of men, flirtatious. Men are crazy about her, and Liana herself is very amorous. However, she is too picky, so she does not get married for a long time.

In matters of love - a great possessive. Keeping all fans at a respectful distance, does not allow potential rivals to approach any of them, getting used to reign supreme in a small world in love with her.

When the choice is made, Liana will not allow any woman to even try to take her place in the heart of her chosen one. She is able to take revenge, however, she will not do it openly, but surreptitiously, perhaps through an intermediary.

Having married, Liana does not feel bound by any obligations. If the husband in some way has not justified her hopes or does not correspond to her ideal, he continues to search for a partner suitable in all respects, while diligently playing the role of an exemplary wife.

Having found the ideal, from her point of view, man, Liana does not file for divorce, but can give birth to a child from her beloved. The husband, more often than not, does not know about anything, since Liana is an unsurpassed actress and, usually, thinks everything through to the smallest detail.



A rock


Zodiac sign

Leo, Scorpio, Libra.


The word Liana gives the impression of something good, beautiful, safe, smooth, round, kind, light, gentle, feminine, cheerful, bright, joyful.

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