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Meaning of the name

Leila in translation from ancient Persian means "darkness", "night".


As a child, Leila suffers from upper respiratory tract diseases, because of this, she grows up as a restless, capricious child. She rarely finds a common language with unfamiliar adults, but she communicates with her peers with pleasure, visiting kindergarten and school does not cause any protest in her, rather the opposite. Her character is paternal.

Leila is neat, even somewhat squeamish, does not tolerate sloppiness. She clearly follows the daily routine, is collected and focused, most often an excellent student. He is respected by his classmates and has many friends.

Adult Leila is distinguished by her exactingness not only to others, but also to herself. She is punctual, obligatory, extremely hardworking, quickly moving up the career ladder.

Leila, born in winter, is distinguished by ambition, truthfulness, and decency. Strict, but extremely fair and principled. Moving up the career ladder, he will never go over the head. Co-workers respect her, some dislike and even fear her. Leila is always ready to help, condescending to other people's weaknesses and shortcomings.

Born in spring, she is not distinguished by decisiveness and principles. She is sociable, responsive and benevolent, touchy and vulnerable. Her character is soft and compliant.

Born in summer - is distinguished by composure and love for the routine. She is very kind and selfless, loves to help others.

Leila, born in autumn, loves nature, devotes a lot of time to her garden and garden. Stocky and economical, loves to cook and canning.


Leila's relationship with men largely depends on when at what time of the year the woman bearing this name was born. For example, "spring" Leila is extremely energetic, not used to hiding her feelings and emotions.

Jealous, having learned about the infidelity of her spouse, can make a huge scandal, but will not agree to a divorce, she will prefer to keep the family. She is very hospitable, caring mother, sees in children the main meaning of her life.

Born in the summer, she is strict and reserved both at work and with friends and acquaintances, and when communicating with fans. She does not like manifestations of tenderness both in relation to herself and to others, but she can surround even an unfamiliar person with attention and care if he needs it.

Having caught the spouse in infidelity, he will not scandal, he will prefer to quietly collect things and leave the house. After the divorce, she will not be at enmity with her ex-spouse, but she will never resume relations with him.

"Autumn" Leyla has a negative attitude towards promiscuous sexual relations, is overly demanding of her partner, at the same time does not tolerate comments in her direction. She is married several times, but all marriages are not very successful.


Dark blue, black.

A rock

Opal, black pearl.

Zodiac sign

Scorpio, Aquarius.


The sound of the name Leila gives the impression of something feminine, good, safe, cheerful, kind, beautiful, smooth, gentle, bright, light, joyful, round.

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