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Not so long ago, an epic tennis match at Wimbledon between John Isner and Nicolas Mahut made a splash. Let's talk about the ten most famous of them.

Kansas City Chiefs vs. Miami Dolphins, Arkansas vs. Kentucky. This American football match was the longest in the sport. The duration of the stubborn fight was 4 hours 55 minutes or 82 minutes 40 seconds of net playing time. In the regular season of the NFL, matches are limited in time, but in the playoff series there are no longer, so you get such exciting fights as on Christmas 1971. In a historic match, teams from Kansas and Miami met. The chefs conceded the ball in the last seconds, and the game went into overtime with the score 24-24. But the first extra time did not bring success, only in the second Dolphin kicker Garo Yepremian brought victory to his team with a blow from 37 yards. This game has become the longest in the history of the NFL, amazing and its statistics. Student league matches are deprived of the "sudden death" rule, and long fights also occur there, as in 2003 between Arkansas and Kentucky. Regular time also did not reveal a winner at 24-24, it took a whopping seven overtimes until Arkansas finally beat their rival 71-68. Five players ended the match with multiple touchdowns, and the forwards have covered over 1,000 yards in total.

Ivan Nikolic vs. Goran Arshovits. Nobody will be surprised at the length of the longest match in history, where 5949 moves were made, but this chess match lasted as long as 20 hours and 15 minutes, and "only" 949 moves were made. The match took place in Belgrade in 1989 between Ivan Nikolic and Goran Arshovic. The game lasted almost a day, and only five pieces remained on the board. In addition to the king, Nikolic has a rook and a bishop, while Arshovits has a king and a rook. A draw was announced only after a hundred moves, which did not change the alignment. Such an obscenely long match forced the World Chess Federation to introduce the 50-move rule. It says that the game can be declared a draw if each of the opponents made 50 moves without capturing any of their opponent's pieces. This rule means that the record set in this match is unlikely to ever be broken.

Phil Laak's poker game. The history of gambling is full of cases when participants spent the whole day at the table, but recently a record was set in this area. It was written by seasoned card player Phil Laak, who spent over 115 hours playing poker at the Bellagio Casino in Las Vegas. Taking a 5-minute break every hour, the American was able to break Larry Olmsted's previous record of 72 hours, set in 2004. Larry, who sells clothes in everyday life, claimed that, preparing for the record, he practiced yoga for several weeks in a row and followed a strict diet. Laak swore that he did not use caffeine or other stimulants to fight sleep. Phil only took a half-hour sleep break once during his ordeal. 115 hours of continuous play even allowed the champion to win a very decent amount of $ 6,766! It seems that the casino is no longer a loser - a lot of people have gathered to see the record.

Cricket: England v South Africa. It may come as a surprise to many, but one of the longest-running matches in team sports took place in cricket. According to the original rules, the match can end only with the victory of one of the sides, for this it is necessary to score more goals. Modern rules allow you to fix a draw after a certain amount of playing time. Matches used to be much more grueling, especially for international meetings. Matches were planned for five days, after which the most productive team was declared the winner. In some of the first matches, it happened that the match could go on indefinitely until a winner was revealed. This is exactly what happened in 1939 in Durban, South Africa. There the hosts competed in a match that went down in history. The match itself began on March 3 and lasted for 9 whole days. This included two days off and a day in the rain. Neither side could defeat the enemy. By day 12, England had practically won with a score of 654 points, but the match was forcibly canceled, as the guests simply had to rush home to the boat. As a result, to the delight of the hosts, a draw was recorded. The total playing time was 43 hours 16 minutes.

Boxing match between Harry Sharp and Frank Crosby. Today, boxing athletes can hardly withstand 12 rounds, the facts of many hours of early fights sound amazing in this regard. One of the most famous stories happened in 1892 in a duel between Harry Sharp and Frank Crosby. The match lasted 5 hours and 3 minutes and consisted of 76 rounds, this record cannot be broken under modern rules. The fight took place in the town of Nameoki, Illinois. It was calculated that a fatal outcome of the match was possible, even some wrestling techniques were allowed. The battle lasted until the 76th round and ended with a simultaneous strike of the fighters at each other. Crosby had previously hit his head hard on the ground, but was able to continue the fight. Sharpe managed to knock out his opponent a few minutes after that. This match became one of the longest boxing matches, and even the referee stopped measuring the length of the rounds. They say that during the fight it was quite cold, so the boxers periodically warmed up with sips from a flask with alcohol. In addition, after the 65th round, there was practically no refereeing, the rivals were left to each other.

Baseball match between the Rochester Red Wings and the Pawtucket Red Sox. The longest recorded professional baseball game was in 1981 between the Pawtucket Red Sox and the Rochester Red Wings. The match began on Saturday 18 April at 8pm and ended only early Sunday morning. The game came to a standstill at 2-2 and was stopped by a strong-willed decision by the president of the league. In 9 hours, the teams made 33 pitches, and out of 2,000 fans who came to the stadium, in the end only 19 remained. Each of the loyal fans subsequently received a season ticket from team owner Pawtucket's. Strangely, the game did not resume after 65 days, when the Red Wings reappeared in the city. When the final game took place, eyes from all over the country were riveted to it. More than 5,000 spectators came to the stadium to see the end of this amazing match. But to everyone's regret, the match ended pretty quickly - just 18 minutes later, the host player Marty Barrett brought victory to his team. This game went down in baseball history as one of the most famous matches of all time. You can learn about it in the Baseball Hall of Fame, and in 2006 there were even celebrations to mark the 25th anniversary of the memorable and legendary victory.

Hockey match between Detroit Red Wings and Montreal Maroons. Usually there are no marathons in hockey, as different leagues find their own solutions to solve such problems. It could be just a draw, or it could be a shootout. The situation is similar in the NHL, with the exception of the Stanley Cup playoffs. In the event of a tie in regulation time, 20-minute overtimes are assigned, which go up to the first goal scored. This rule allowed the birth of several legendary matches over the years. The most famous of these was the 1936 duel between Detroit and Montreal. Three 20-minute periods did not reveal a winner and the match went into overtime. However, the players focused on defending their own goal, as a result of 5 overtimes they did not reveal the winner. Both teams could hardly stand on their feet, the situation was resolved by the Detroit rookie Mud Bronetau, who was a professional at that time for only two weeks. The saving goal was scored in the 16th minute of the 6th overtime, resulting in a total match duration of 176 minutes 30 seconds. At the same time, the teams played for 116 minutes in overtime, which was almost twice the regular time.

Basketball: Rochester Royals vs. Indianapolis Olympics, Syracuse vs. UConn. Today, in NBA matches, it's not unusual for teams to score over 100 points. It is all the more surprising to hear that the longest game in league history ended 75-73. However, this is exactly what happened in 1951, when the Indianapolis team were able to defeat their rivals after six overtimes. With that score, it's no surprise that the game didn't look exciting. There were only 26 shots in a whopping six overtimes, with most of the fans leaving their seats before the game was over. The match lasted 3 hours 46 minutes. A more modern basketball marathon took place today, when Syracuse and UConn also played six additional rounds in the East Championship. The game lasted almost 4 hours, ending at half past one in the morning. The team from Syracuse won with a score of 127-117. Obviously, in the last overtime, their opponents were simply tired of fighting. The match statistics were incredible. Teams have never scored more than 100 points for two in overtime, out of 244 total in that match. Six players were able to make a double. Surprisingly, this game is not the longest in the history of college confrontation. Even more famous is the match between Cincinnati and Bradley in 1981, when there were seven overtimes! This game took place even before the introduction of the shot clock rule in student basketball. Despite this, the match in Syracuse was more difficult and exhausting for the players. By the end of the game, they stated that they simply could not feel their legs.

Tennis marathon at Wimbledon. This event happened quite recently. It would seem that there will be a usual unremarkable meeting of the first round between John Isner and Nicolas Mahut. However, the match entered the book of records as one of the most famous matches of its time. The Wimbledon rules state that there can be no tie-break in the decisive set, one must play to the advantage of one of the players in 2 games. American Isner faced his French opponents on the grassy English courts in the early evening of June 22, 2010. The game turned out to be very stubborn, when both players took one set, the match had to be interrupted due to the onset of darkness. The next day, the match continued and was held with a break. But even here the darkness did not allow to reveal the winner. By that time, each of the tennis players took one more set in a tie-break, and 59 games were played in the decisive set. The end of the fight took place only on June 24, the final set lasted 8 hours 11 minutes, and the total duration of the game was 11 hours 5 minutes. The record was the number of games - 138 games in the deciding set. The previous record for the length of a match was almost half. Isner also set a record for the number of aces - there were 113 of them. By the end of the match, both athletes were exhausted, doctors ascertained overwork and possible health complications. It is not surprising that in the second round match Isner lost in 74 minutes, having managed to take only 5 games in 3 sets and not submitting a single ace.

Andy Bowen vs. Jack Burke - Record Boxing Fight. An 11 hour tennis match is certainly an exhausting event, but it doesn't compare to over 7 hours of boxing that was aimed at causing physical injury. The longest boxing match took place in New Orleans on April 6, 1893. Andy Bowen and Jack Burke entered the ring in hopes of claiming the lightweight title, which was vacant following the retirement of the previous champion, Jack McAuliffe. At that time, boxing was an unofficial sport, so there was no rule according to which a match could be stopped due to a participant falling or throwing a towel. This served as the basis for one of the most brutal duels in history. The fight between the two implacable boxers consisted of 110 three-minute rounds. When the bells gave the signal for the 111th round, more than 7 hours had passed and both men were so exhausted that they could not even get up from their corners. The judge realized that the fight was out of control and announced its end, but no one was awarded the victory. The match lasted 7 hours 19 minutes and had a significant impact on the fate of the fighters - Burke had all the bones in his arms broken, his career was essentially over. Bowen was killed in his next fight.

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