Market Merphology

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Ava opening

During the sale, the dress you like will be the only dress that isn't on sale at all.

Edam's Corollary

It's easy to guess that when you do agree to sell it, it won't fit your size.

Feminist Donna's Discovery

If a product is labeled as "specially designed for women," then it will be exactly the same as a model for men, but only twice as expensive.

Croscap's law on bringing goods to stores

If you don't need it and are not going to buy it, it will be everywhere, and in abundance.

Susman's principle

The cost of the frame exceeds the cost of the artwork itself.


People who are bargaining hard over the price of a painting will not say a word about the price the frame manufacturer is asking for.

Reinhardt's Guide to Museums

Sculpture is the thing that you stumble upon when you turn to look at the painting.

Chiklinski Retail Law

If you want to take a leisurely look at the products on display, a whole swarm of sellers will hover around you; if you want to make a purchase, you will not find a single seller.

Butt's principle for the grocery store

Whichever product you look at, there will be someone's picking cart in front of it.

Walker's Law

Urgency is inversely proportional to value.

Gerhard's law

Once you run into what you like, you buy enough to last for the rest of your life. This will be discontinued in the near future.

Gluskin-Fagan rules

1. The fact that a prosperous company has bought a firm is always announced the day after you have sold all of your shares in that firm.

2. Time-tested investment strategies stop working as soon as you start investing your money in accordance with them.

3. Another upward trend in stock prices begins to take shape in the stock market on the very day when you vowed never to touch stocks or other securities again in your life.

4. The only good advice on behavior in the risky securities market will be exactly the ones that you ignored.

Paulsen's rule

Submit an application for participation in the competition, and then remain on the mailing list of this sponsor until the end of your days.

Ginsburg's Principle for the Dow Jones Indian

Large one-day losses always outweigh large one-day gains.

Robbin Marketing Rules

1. Your market share is always lower than you think.

2. Summing up the goals of all competitors to capture their market share always ends up with at least 150 percent.

3. Market availability does not guarantee customer availability.

4. Beware of questionable needs for which there is no real market.

5. Low price and long delivery time will always defeat high price and short delivery time.

6. If a customer pays for lunch, then you missed the order.

Fredericks Marketing Laws

1. Never listen to your own advertisements.

2. Never let your own marketing lead you astray.

Third Rule of Retailers

The client is almost right.

Sales law

When placing cheese in a mousetrap, always leave room for the mouse.

Say's law

Supply creates its own demand.

Punger Advertising Principle

Nobody buys half-truths, but some will swallow one hundred percent lies.

The first rule of overseas sales

Any foreign payments will be made at the worst possible exchange rate.

Bank service principle

When your turn finally comes, the cashier closes the window.


The sign "Refer to window no ..." indicates a window that is also closed.

Linear accelerator principle

The shorter the line, the slower it moves.

Liner's Law

If your line is moving fast, then you are in the wrong line.

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