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Meaning of the name

Nika means "victory" in Greek.


Little Nika is a mobile and sensitive girl, distinguished by a certain superficiality of feelings and emotions. Very susceptible, but not at all vulnerable.

It may even be good that emotions are not deep, the girl grows up calm and reasonable. She can even feel the slightest changes in the course of her life and if she develops this ability in herself, then she can predict any events.

Adult Nika is endowed with a logical mindset and developed intuition on the verge of foresight, she has excellent control over herself. Can instantly perceive the whole problem, analyze all the details and trifles, and find the best way out of this situation.

Nika is quite proud, but her self-esteem is not painful, she is able to forgive insults, she has a wonderful sense of humor. She is characterized by vivid imagination and a passion for exaggeration, therefore, listening to the story of this woman about any event, you can find out such details that were not even in sight.


Nika is outwardly attractive, very impressionable and amorous, if she meets, as she believes, the man of her dreams, without hesitation gives herself up to the outbreak of passion with her characteristic fervor and a certain amount of recklessness.

However, after a while she usually cools down, and, disappointed in the object of her passion, just as decisively breaks with it. This is especially true for those born in winter, who, having hastily married, can file for divorce in a couple of weeks.

Born in spring, Nicky is so secretive and careful that even close ones do not always know what is going on in their soul. They are in no hurry to get married, afraid of getting burned. They choose a partner for a long time and meticulously, they carefully look at their chosen one before agreeing to rapprochement.

In bed, those born in winter are more passionate and hotter, but their passion quickly cools down, especially if a man in some way does not correspond to her ideas about an ideal partner.

Born in the summer, they remain constrained and somewhat shy for a long time, only a patient, attentive and gentle man can awaken their passion.

Nika is interested in fortune telling, palmistry, divination, she herself can get carried away with the occult. The information obtained from fortune-tellers has a great influence on her life.

The husband will have to come to terms with the fact that Nika can refuse the planned trip simply because "the stars decided so." For the rest, she is a wonderful hostess and loving wife, an interesting and cheerful person.


Brown, black silver.

A rock


Zodiac sign



The sound of Nick's name gives the impression of something safe, kind, beautiful, gentle, short, frail.

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