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A Wise Fan's Note

Fools rush in first - and take the best places.

Moser's law

Exciting episodes occur only in those moments when you are staring at the scoreboard or jumped out to buy a hot dog.

Wick's Law for baseball

The spectator's knowledge of the game is inversely proportional to the price of the seat he bought.

Bob's law

If you switch from one football game to another in an effort to avoid the next portion of advertising, they will also play ads on that channel.

Jim Murray's Rules

1. Things never go so bad that they cannot be worsened by a change of coach.

2. Bad point guard - the one who is on the field today.

3. A free agent (a professional athlete not bound by a contract) is anything but a free person.

4. Hockey is a game where six very good players and the home team play.

5. Anyone who can move to New York will move.

Sports contracts law

The higher the amount a free agent signs a contract with, the less effective that athlete will be in the next season.

McCartney principle

A football coach must be smart enough to understand the game, but dumb enough to consider it important.

Theremin's law for inventions

If you want your track and field team to win the high jump competition, look for one person who can jump seven feet * (~ 213 cm), not seven people who can each jump one foot.

Homer's left-handed law

If you don't give it up, they can't get into it.

The law of training

Tactics that work in theory don't work in training. Tactics that work in practice don't work in play.

Principle for poker players

Never show card tricks to those you play poker with.

Rally rule

The only way to somehow make up for the fact that you are lost is to write down the exact time when it happened.

Michel's rule for future climbers

As you get closer to the mountain, it gets steeper and steeper.

Froteenham's Corollary

The mountain seems closer than it really is.

Bridge law

The partner is always wrong.

The first law of speleology

Never try to crawl through a hole smaller than your head.

Gross's Law for Golf

Demonstration clubs only work until you join them.

Bloch's law

The only time a golf ball listens to you and responds correctly to your screams is when you give it the wrong information.

The law of a certain O. J.

It doesn't matter if you win or lose ... but only if you win.

Lavia Tennis Law

The mediocre player easily falls to the level of his opponent, but it is very difficult to rise.

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