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Meaning of the name

Scandinavian means "sacred", "holy".


As a child, Oleg easily succumbs to someone else's influence and can quickly learn bad habits. Therefore, parents need to keep track of their son's circle of acquaintances. At school he studies well in all subjects, but shows great abilities in the exact sciences.

Boys with such a name are easily influenced by others, so parents need to be especially attentive to their circle of acquaintances. Unfortunately, Oleg quickly learns bad habits.

Oleg's tendency to analyze everything manifests itself in everyday life. Adult Oleg is principled, defends his opinion, even if he is not right. Stubborn in achieving the set goal. His inherent focus gives positive results if he devotes himself to science.

Oleg is attached to his parents, especially his mother. Cool relations are established with the mother-in-law: polite; but without a feeling of sympathy or love. Oleg seeks to make his wife in some way similar to his mother, he does not hide the fact that his mother is the ideal woman for him. And if the wife does not understand this in time and does not compromise, quarrels will often break out in the family.

From an early age, Oleg has enjoyed success with women. However, he is not inclined to rush into a maelstrom of passion, and spends most of his time with friends.

With age, Oleg softens, becomes more tender, but also more everyday. He no longer lights up with every new idea, his connections with friends are weakening. By this time, Oleg's family life is usually stabilized.

Oleg is born with a sense of superiority over people. And he sometimes fails to suppress this feeling, which makes him not always pleasant in communication. People with hurt pride and simply losers cannot stand him.

Oleg is principled, defends his opinion, even if he is not right. Kind, he tries not to hurt another, but he will not allow anyone to push him around and command.

Oleg is disinterested. Giftedness and a certain stubbornness make him difficult to communicate, moreover, he does not always manage to suppress the feeling of superiority over people.

Oleg is a faithful husband, although outwardly he is coldish. Do not mind a drink, when drunk it is difficult to control. Likes to sleep more in the morning.

Oleg is stubborn, confident, principled, focused and incredibly hardworking. In order to insist on your own, it comes to boring. He is able to make many enemies on his righteous path.

Oleg's children often grow up with a complex character.


He is passionate and erotic, able to get carried away often, but quickly fades away. Disappointed, he becomes discouraged. And indulging in sexual interests, he is looking for true love, but life does not reduce to creating a family and procreation.

In sex, he tries to assert himself as a man, without taking him too seriously. Intimate intimacy with a woman for him is nothing more than pleasant entertainment that delights both participants. He is afraid of a long-term relationship that gradually leads to marriage.

0leg does not plan in advance his intimate relationships, his sexual activity is often spontaneous. In intimacy with him, a woman lacks tenderness and inspiration, he is not able to give her all the fullness of sensations. At the same time, for himself, from intimacy with a woman, he tries to extract as much joy and pleasure as possible.

No matter how sensual and good his girlfriend is, Oleg is always interested in trying something new. His sexual behavior with every new woman is different. He is not angry with routine situations and regulated sex.

Much in Oleg's abilities depends on his psychological state, faith in himself and the ability to relax, as well as on the interest that his partner arouses in him with her personal qualities.

Oleg does not look at every woman as an object of sexual satisfaction, available from the first meeting. He is very susceptible to the external manifestations of the feminine essence, to how clean and tidy a woman is, what perfume she is perfumed with, how aesthetic the items of her dress are. Any little thing from this series, any disorder can extinguish any desire in it.

Oleg's loving and understanding friends can be "summer" women.

The first marriage usually ends in divorce. In marriage, he seeks support, family life fills his existence with new meaning. A boy is born. Even if the marriage is dissolved, she maintains a relationship with her son.



A rock


Zodiac sign



The sound of the name Oleg gives the impression of something good, beautiful, simple, strong, brave, bright.

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