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Men with the middle name Arsenievich are distinguished by their firmness and composure of character. These are purposeful people who clearly know and understand what they want from life, therefore they tirelessly follow the set goal and achieve what they want.

Smart and ambitious - Arsenievichs strive for the highest heights in their careers. Diligence, knowledge of their business and the desire to be the first in everything make them valuable employees.

At the same time, such men are quite selfish and the problems of those around them are of little concern. However, they cannot be called closed people, they are sociable, perceptive and often good psychologists, they are good at understanding people and see the essence of a person at first glance.

It is pleasant to communicate with such people, since the Arsenievichs read a lot, they know they are witty and interesting storytellers, there is always something to talk with them about. But at the same time, friends are chosen carefully and not everyone is ready to let them into their souls.

The Arsenievichs do not like to go in for sports, but they lead a healthy lifestyle and, even in old age, retain their excellent shape. Women like such men who look after themselves and know how to captivate with a pleasant conversation.

As for family life, if Arsenievich gets married, then once and for love, becoming a wonderful family man.

Such women, as a rule, are leaders by nature, strive for independence and freedom in everything, and will fight to the end. Others like them for their strength, love of freedom, emotionality and liveliness of character.

These women know how to present themselves: they always dress beautifully and tastefully, take care of themselves, and active behavior invariably attracts the attention of the opposite sex.

The Arsenyevna are not afraid of anything new and unknown, they are boldly ready to go for an experiment and, which is important, they achieve success. They approach any business responsibly, they try to bring everything to the end, and at the same time they like to bring creative notes to their work, so they make wonderful teachers.

Arsenyevna are sensitive and emotional women, they love life in the know about all the events happening around. At the same time, they cannot stand falsehood and lies, since they themselves are extremely straightforward people, it is easier for them to say or hear the whole truth, whatever it may be.

Speaking about family life, I must say that the marriage will be successful if the husband turns out to be a gentle and calm person. Otherwise, a clash between the two leaders can lead to divorce, since the Arsenyevna are not used to giving in and want to act as the head of the family.

But in general, they are wonderful housewives, economical and caring, they love and know how to cook deliciously, receive guests, they try to ensure that the family does not need anything.

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