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These men seem withdrawn, they say about such - "on his own mind." Nikiforovichs are very restrained, they do not see a bright outburst of emotions.

Their hard work, accuracy, punctuality and meticulousness are highly valued in their work. Nothing passes them unnoticed.

These men value friendship and a masculine word. Having promised something, be sure that they will do their best to fulfill the promises.

The Nikiforovichs value their friends very much, although they are few. These men do not like to complain about fate and circumstances, preferring to make their own way through life.

Nikiforovichs are critical of the advice of others, not accepting them, but they themselves prefer not to help until they are asked about it. The owners of such a middle name are confident in themselves and do not pay too much attention to what others think of them.

Nikiforovichs usually get married late, and the initiators of the marriage are often their friends, and they only reluctantly agree. But this is a good owner, zealous and skillful, loving tinkering, making repairs.

For children, this is a somewhat harsh, but fair and loving mentor. Nikiforovichs love to rest in solitude, fishing or in the garage.

These women are distinguished by the fact that they are constantly looking for justice in life, they are sincerely surprised when they discover the cunning of other people. Nikiforovna are honest and kind, do not like to quarrel.

These women are very merciful, they will definitely give alms, feed a homeless animal. However, unfortunately, those around, preoccupied with their own affairs, do not at all understand the owners of such a middle name.

They make decisions with difficulty, hesitate for a long time, rush between different options. Such women have poor health and fragile physique, they do not like to play sports.

Nikiforovna do not accept help from outside, preferring to achieve everything on their own and with their mind. Even though it is difficult, success is doubly valuable.

Such women prefer to work in a field where care and assistance to people is required - in the social sphere, in medicine. They have a good ear and voice, Nikiforovny often teach in music schools.

Few people see, but under a certain alienation these women have a desire for warmth and love. The Nikiforovna believe to the last in the fairy tale about the handsome prince and have been looking for him all their adult life. It happens that they do not get married for this reason.

In marriage, thanks to his sense of responsibility, he gives all the time to his family and children. She likes to spend her leisure time watching the TV, embroidering or knitting along the way.

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