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Men with the patronymic Olegovich have a complex character, as they are principled, slightly arrogant and even arrogant people. They are always confident in their own righteousness and it is difficult to convince them of anything. Therefore, people do not seek to communicate with the Olegovichs and reduce contacts with them to a minimum.

However, nature, as a rule, endows these men with the ability to clearly and correctly build the path to achieving their goals, therefore, in life, thanks to their persistence and analytical mindset, the Olegovichs achieve a lot. They make good technicians, programmers, and even athletes.

The Olegovichs do not have many friends, but they do not need this, since such men prefer to communicate only with reliable people and those with whom they managed to "eat more than one bag of salt."

In the society of close people, Olegovichs know how to relax and even become ringleaders, and among strangers they withdraw and become uncommunicative.

They try to build serious and long-term relationships with women, not exchanging for short, non-binding novels. True, the Olegovichs do not strive to marry and they create a family already in adulthood. They are ready for anything for the wife and children, they work a lot so that they do not need anything.

Such women are characterized by an unbalanced and explosive character. Often Olegovna act under the power of emotions and do not think about the consequences, and this does not always lead to a successful outcome.

But at the same time, the Olegovna are still sometimes able to take control of themselves and then many serious issues become resolved, which no doubt helps such women to move forward in life.

Stubbornness and some intractability are also often manifested in women with a patronymic Olegovna, and this often makes their relationship with loved ones and even mothers a little tense.

Although at work such people are distinguished by their hard work and a responsible approach to business. The bosses like it and the Olegovs' career is going pretty well.

These women love male society, they always try to look good, effective and fashionable, which no doubt makes them attractive and interesting for the opposite sex.

Family life usually develops in a second marriage, since women with such a character like to be leaders in the family, and men do not always like it.

In relation to children, Olegovna show themselves as strict, demanding, but fair mothers.

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