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The patronymic Vasilievich makes its owners resourceful, fearless and capable of extreme actions.

In life, these are resourceful, intelligent, hardworking men, they are characterized by a certain softness and pliability of character, but they cannot stand harsh pressure and, as a result, can do something out of spite.

They are disorganized and a little scattered, and this prevents the Vasilyevichs from moving up the career ladder and getting what they want.

At work, they are well treated, but they do not dare to entrust serious matters that require special training and responsibility.

At the same time, they are kind, sincere people, devoted friends, capable of much for the sake of their loved ones.

A man with a patronymic Vasilievich knows how to win others around, he easily manages to win someone else's trust. Women reach out to him, seeing in such a man a reliable companion in life.

But in the end, due to the incompatibility of characters, the marriage may fail and collapse. In general, you will never get bored with Vasilievichs, because they are rare inventors and jokes.

They are quite docile, calm, capable of self-sacrifice women, but at the same time they are not as simple as they seem.

Vasilievna can act on the sly, and in order to achieve their own goal they are capable of cunning and even create intrigues and confusing situations.

Such a cunning and flexible mind in most cases helps them get what they want, which is generally good.

At the same time, the Vasilievna are distinguished by stinginess and a certain greed, although there are also generous, open natures among them.

Women with this patronymic are outwardly attractive and beautiful, but this does not deprive them of their share of envy in relation to other bright persons.

I must say that the Vasilievna are very resistant to life's troubles and difficulties, they can endure a lot on their fragile shoulders and it is difficult to break them and make them surrender, which undoubtedly does them credit.

As a rule, they marry early and for love, but family life, unfortunately, is not always successful, despite the fact that they are amazing hostesses, hospitable and hospitable.

Vasilievna are quite proud, they cannot stand it when they are trying to lead or infringe on their interests, but all these qualities are skillfully hidden behind feigned modesty and quiet disposition.

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