Fourth month of pregnancy

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Future child

Height - 14-16 cm, weight - 100-110 g.

From the fourth month, the child begins to grow actively, continuing until the end of the sixth month (24 weeks) of pregnancy. By the end of the month, the child will have reached the size of a handball ball, his body will become more proportional: the head, which used to grow faster than the rest of the body, will become about one third of the child's total length.

The baby's arms have already become shorter than the legs, nails have formed on the fingers. The child's eyes are still completely closed for centuries, but the mouth already contains the rudiments of all 20 milk teeth and taste buds.

The placenta now takes over all the baby's nutritional functions. It transfers oxygen, nutrients to the baby, and also provides immune protection. The mother's blood passes through the umbilical cord to the child, and in the opposite direction, unnecessary waste is removed.

It happens that the placenta at this time sometimes closes the cervix, but by the time of delivery, the placenta will surely move and the child will be able to exit correctly.

A child's heart can pump up to 23 liters of blood per day. Special villi are formed in the intestines - they will help the baby to digest food in the future. The pancreas and thyroid glands begin to secrete hormones, and the kidneys begin to produce urine.

The kid develops muscles, he actively rotates his head, moves his arms, pushes, sometimes even depicts something that looks like a smile. Sucking and swallowing reflexes are fully developed. The first hairs grow on the head, and a unique skin pattern forms on the fingers.

The baby's genitals also develop: the boy develops a penis and prostate, the girl develops a clitoris, and the ovaries take their proper place in the hip region. The sex of the child can already be determined by ultrasound, but there is still some possibility of inaccuracy.

Future mom

The most pleasant time begins - the second trimester of pregnancy. Morning toxicosis and poor health are usually a thing of the past.

Weight gain by the end of 4 months is about 3 kg, but in fact, you can add 2 and 7 kg, it all depends on the individual constitution of a woman. The tummy has already appeared.

By the end of the month, it will be impossible for you to hide your pregnancy, especially if you are on the beach or in the pool. Call your doctor if you experience tension, discomfort, or pain in your uterus. Just in case, have a No-shpa or MagneV6 on hand.

Remember, this is not the time to think about dieting. Food should be healthy and nutritious for you and your baby. It is better to eat a little a few times a day (fruits, vegetables, salads, curds).

Prepare yourself in advance and put in the refrigerator peeled carrots, cucumbers, apples and other fruits and vegetables to taste. You can eat them all the time. Try to drink more water and kefir.

Remember that it is bad for you to overwork, it is bad for you to wear tight clothes, it is bad for you to consume caffeinated products and to have x-rays, tomography and MRI scans.

You may experience headaches, rapid heart palpitations, nosebleeds, and light-headedness. The reason for these phenomena can be hormonal changes in the body, stress, anemia and a drop in blood sugar levels.

Try to avoid anything that causes you fatigue and irritation, have a piece of chocolate on hand, snack often, walk and breathe fresh air. Do not forget to consult your doctor and take a blood test for hemoglobin to rule out the possibility of anemia.

At 15-16 weeks, it is necessary to pass an analysis for AFP-hCG-Estriol (or triple test) and smears for infections. The triple test data speaks of genetic developmental defects and is in addition to the double test done at 11-12 weeks of gestation.

The triple test values ​​are considered only in conjunction with each other and previous analyzes. Therefore, if your indicator is outside the normal range, you should not worry, but you should retake the test. Statistically, 5% of tests show abnormal results.

Moreover, in 90% of these abnormal 5%, women give birth to healthy children. In any case, the result obtained, even outside the norm, is only an indicator of the degree of risk, and not an accurately established diagnosis.

It's time to tell the boss that you are pregnant, however, you are free not to report it. Remember, pregnancy is not a reason to get fired. You cannot be fired at all while you are pregnant if you don’t want to.

The only exception in this matter is the complete liquidation of the enterprise, when everyone is fired. You also cannot be transferred to a lower position or reduced salary.

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