Twenty-seventh week of pregnancy

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Future child

Height - 34-35 cm, weight - 1000-1100 g.

Congratulations! The third and final trimester begins. He is still slender and small, but already a fully formed man.

Of course, if he is born now, then a lot of problems and difficulties will arise. He will be very cold, since he has not had time to accumulate fat, which warms him up and regulates heat exchange. He is still too open to any infection, he will have difficulty breathing, he needs a respirator. But even now, the baby is much more resilient than a week or two ago.

There are 13 weeks left until the end of pregnancy. All this time your baby will spend on gaining weight and height and training his organs, preparing them for autonomous work in the outside world. Help your baby: every day spent in mom's tummy will give him more strength at birth. The expectant mother should be very attentive to herself to avoid the danger of premature birth.

By this time, your baby has already developed and works well the connection between the eyes and the brain through nerve fibers. The kid finally finally opens his eyes. Light, which, albeit weakly, enters the uterus, allows the child to see something, and not just hear or feel.

The child's movements become more active and strong. Sometimes it is very funny to watch how a tubercle forms on the mother's tummy, under which there is a protruding heel or the handle of a restless baby, then this tubercle disappears and appears in another place. If the baby decides to roll over, then it seems to the mother that her belly is literally shaking (sometimes it is even noticeable from the side and everything is very funny).

Often the baby's movements appear in response to some actions of the mother: for example, the child is spinning nervously, if the mother is nervous or upset, the child rather knocks his legs or arms, if he likes what his mother has eaten, and kicks angrily if he does not like it.

But the most important achievement of the week is the complete formation of the retina. The retina is located on the inner surface of the eyeball. She is responsible for how a person perceives color and light. Cells in the layers of the retina receive light rays and transmit information to the brain.

This function is fully developed by the 27th week of pregnancy. Therefore, when the baby lifts his eyelids, he can already distinguish the faint light penetrating through the mother's body.

Future mom

The average weight gain this week is about 8.5 kg, but now your weight will increase rapidly until 36 weeks. Don't be alarmed that you are outperforming the average. Now your baby is growing and food restrictions are contraindicated.

The level of cholesterol in the body rises and this is normal. It is required for the placenta to function. With the help of cholesterol, essential hormones are produced, including progesterone. Try to walk more, do not sit all the time. Otherwise, your uterus presses on the vena cava, and your blood begins to circulate poorly. This can lead to dizziness, leg cramps and other troubles.

Ligaments begin to weaken and stretch - this is your body preparing for childbirth. The baby becomes more comfortable, but the mother may experience very unpleasant sensations. Loose spinal ligaments can lead to pain and discomfort in the buttocks and thighs, especially after the child has turned his head down and is ready to go out.

The weakening of the ligaments of the uterus and perineum, at the same time, leads to a weakening of the ligaments of the bladder and anus. Unpleasant irritation and urine leakage may occur.

When the pelvic ligaments are weakened, then you cannot even take a step without a pulling sensation in this part of the body. At the same time, the sense of balance is lost, you can easily fall and harm the child. Be extremely careful when you are not in a hurry to go somewhere, do not run, especially on the street in winter. Ditch the heels for good - your shoes should be super stable.

To alleviate the discomfort, it is recommended to swim, avoid heavy loads on the ligaments, of course, do not lift weights. If you are sitting, either lean against the back of a chair or use pillows under your back. Do not rise and do not lie down abruptly, in general it is better not to make any sudden movements for any reason.

What if you do fall? First, don't panic. It is not for nothing that your body has been building up fat all these months, it has created a good shockproof pillow for your baby. In addition, the amniotic fluid also protects it. Listen to if the baby is moving. If it moves, then we can assume that everything is more or less in order.

However, with severe bruising, placental abruption can occur, as well as premature birth. If you have the following symptoms, see your doctor immediately:
- severe pain in the abdomen,
- bleeding,
- discharge of fluid from the vagina (water has moved away or is leaking).

Do not forget to examine yourself: do you have the most serious injuries, even fractures? In most cases, a fall is still harmless. But nevertheless, it is worth visiting a doctor in the near future, just in case, to check the baby's heartbeat and do an ultrasound.

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