The darkest prisons in the world

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When many hear the word "prison", a chill runs through their bodies. Distant times are largely shrouded in legends, but we are trying to remove the veil at least in this way.

Today, modern people no longer associate prison with bullying and torture. The reason for this was the change in society, the worldview of people, the existence of laws. Nevertheless, in the course of the evolution of mankind, the prison has already become one of its attributes.

First of all, this is an indicator of the humanization of society, because isolation is much more humane than execution. Do not forget about the practical side of the issue - prisoners do community service. Today all over the world they are trying to get rid of the death penalty as a capital punishment, replacing it with life imprisonment.

However, while declaring such a measure as humane, we know little about the living conditions of the prisoners themselves. But they can be completely different - someone undergoes rehabilitation or enjoys comfort, while someone suffers torture and humiliation. Let's talk about the ten most brutal prisons of the modern world.

Rikers Island is the largest prison in New York. Since 1932, this ultra-modern city has hosted this prison, which is famous for its numerous cases of cruelty and violence. There are frequent riots, to suppress which special forces are sent. Not so long ago, up to 1000 clashes between the authorities and prisoners took place in this prison every year. However, the new laws somewhat mitigated the situation, because now a prisoner who attacked a cellmate or a guard can be sentenced to an additional prison term. As a result, the number of riots dropped to 70. Nevertheless, according to the opinions of people released from there, the conditions in this prison are worse and more dangerous than even in the most criminal areas of New York. Today, the island-prison contains about 14 thousand inmates, and the prison itself is known as a place where beatings, sexual scandals and abuse of staff flourish.

Syrian military prison in Tadmore. Goose bumps can run through the skin after the information that medieval instruments of torture with the use of sticks, ropes and axes are still used there. You can often hear about sophisticated bullying of local prisoners, while it is worth remembering that among them there are completely innocent people. In addition to criminals, the prison also contains political prisoners. The most famous prisoner of Tadmor, the poet Faraj Berakdar, described this place as "the kingdom of death and madness".

La Sante. Civilized Europe can also "boast" of its cruel prison - La Sante is located in Paris, the only one, by the way, in the capital. The institution was built in 1867. During World War II, political prisoners were also kept here, including members of the Resistance. Today there is a depressing atmosphere over the prisoners. As a result, the prisoners are in such a state that they are ready to swallow rat poison, bang their heads against the wall, eat forks just to end their stay there, committing suicide. If in 1999 in all of California 24 people out of 160 thousand prisoners committed suicide, then there were 124 people in a French prison of suicides. For 7 years, Veronica Wasser told about the horrors of La Sante in her diaries, staying there as the chief physician. The cells in the prison are overcrowded, showers are allowed no more than twice a week, food is of poor quality ... All this gives rise to an invasion of lice and skin diseases. There are so many rats here that the prisoners are forced to hang their things from the ceiling. La Sante was opened in 1867, among its famous prisoners were the poets Paul Verlaine and Guillaume Apollinaire. The prison has been and remains a place of violence, debauchery and atrocities. Weak prisoners turn into slaves here. And the guards do not stand on ceremony with the prisoners, using cruel means. Veronica Wasser described the case of one inmate who was thrown into a punishment cell for resisting guards. Two weeks later, he was admitted to the infirmary dehydrated - the guards closed his access to water.

Carandiru. Brazilian Carandiru is considered the most cruel in terms of stay in it. The prison is located near Sao Paulo. Everyone knows that Brazil has a high crime rate, and everything is overcrowded in places of deprivation of the free. Riots are brutally suppressed here, for example, during the uprising in 1992, 111 prisoners were killed. The prison has big problems with the provision of medical care; AIDS is widespread here. So, for every HIV-infected inhabitant there are only five healthy. Local prisoners are even sometimes denied the opportunity to use anesthesia for surgery. There are 7,500 inmates here, and there are about 1,000 prison staff. They work here in four shifts. The cruel prison existed from 1920 to 2002, and in 2003 a film about the events in the dungeons was released, and the book "Karandiru Station" was also written earlier.

San Quentin. In the US state of California, there is the San Quentin prison, which contains death row prisoners. The complex is already 150 years old, it was opened in 1852. The prison itself was built by prisoners who lived on a special ship during the work. Until 1934, both men and women served time here. According to recent estimates, this is where the worst prison conditions in the United States. The prison itself is overcrowded, there are not enough staff, just as there are not enough doctors, and the premises are rather dilapidated and dirty. In 2005, an audit showed that unqualified medical personnel work here, who work in unsanitary conditions and sin with incorrect diagnoses. The commission came to the conclusion that keeping the prisoners here is generally harmful to their health, and for the sick it is life-threatening. Also, the prison did not escape the problem of violence. Back in 1982, 22 prisoners and 4 guards were seriously injured during the riot. The uprising of 2006 has already resulted in the death of two and the injury of 100 criminals. Death sentences are carried out in the prison, for this, until recently, a gas chamber was used, now it has been replaced by lethal injections.

La Sabaneta. The famous South American prison La Sabaneta is located in Venezuela. In this country, prisons are overcrowded, and since the standard of living here is quite low (about a third of all people live below the poverty line), the conditions in the prison are appalling. Some prisoners are even forced to sleep in hammocks stretched out in the corridors of the prison. There are 25 thousand people for 15 thousand planned places. However, a corrupt system allows wealthy prisoners to get the most comfortable places. In general, there are only 1 guard for 150 prisoners. Unsurprisingly, such harsh conditions lead to riots. The most famous of them happened in January 1994, when 108 people died. In 1995, 196 prisoners were killed and 624 were injured.

Diyarbakir prison. In the south-east of Turkey, in the town of Diyarbakir, there is the most famous Turkish prison. According to the laws of the country, even children can receive life sentences. The country's prisons are overcrowded, and the conditions do not meet any sanitary standards. All this leads to regular clashes between prisoners and guards. Prisoners' performances are punished in the most cruel way. In 1996, there was a clash in Diyarbakir prison, which was quickly called the "planned massacre". Here 10 people died and 23 were injured. This was the result of constant beatings of prisoners here, who, in fact, are deprived of any rights. In Diyarbakir, not only is there no normal medical service, there are also no programs for the rehabilitation of criminals.

Prison of the city of Mendoza. Deaths are frequent in the Argentinean correctional institution in Mendoza - from February 2004 to November 2005 there were 22 recorded. The overcrowded prison contains 1,600 prisoners, while the project was supposed to be only 600. It is common here to sleep on the floor. Observers note that the conditions do not meet any standards. Journalists note that up to 5 prisoners sleep on the floor in 4 square meters of the cell. They are forced to defecate in bottles and plastic bags. In the corridors and chambers, garbage is practically not removed; here, there is often flooding with sewage.

Prison in Nairobi, Kenya. This is one of the most crowded places of its kind in the country. Although the cells are designed for 800 people, there are 3800 prisoners here. In pre-trial detention cells, instead of 50 people, there are 5 times more. The inmates have a constant need for everything from sleeping mattresses to normal medical care. The high air humidity causes stuffiness in the cells, it is not surprising that due to inhuman conditions local prisoners often die or become seriously ill.

Federal prison ADX Florence in the US state of Colorado. There is a strict regime here - prisoners outside their cells spend only 9 hours a week. In stone dungeons, people are forced to sleep, eat and defecate. Sunlight enters the cells for only a couple of hours a day. A distinctive feature of the prison is the absolute isolation of prisoners from each other, this is done so that they cannot communicate with each other. The institution has the status of super safe, it is also called mountain Alcatraz. The prison was built in 1994 after it became clear that the existing institutions were not able to fully protect the jailers from prisoners. The construction of the complex cost $ 60 million. There are 490 seats, in each cell a table, chair and bunk are made of cast concrete.

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