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Meaning of the name

Rodion in translation from ancient Greek means "inhabitant of the island of Rhodes", "heroic".


Since childhood, Rodion has been in good health, endurance, usually of tall stature and strong constitution. Phlegmatic. Rodion is kind and trusting, knows how to stand up for himself and his loved ones.

Friends and family are very fond of Rodion for his cheerful disposition and gentle character. Rodion, born in winter, becomes less trusting and predictable with age.

Winter Rodion is persistent, energetic, an excellent diplomat. Rodion is devoid of prejudices, but not devoid of principles. He chooses a risky profession, one that requires constant travel. Rodion loves to overcome difficulties. There are many military men, sailors, bodyguards, and police officers among the Rodions.

Rodion, born in spring, is witty and has some talents. Rodion is a good organizer, a good speaker. Maybe a writer, journalist. Often Rodions go into politics.

Rodion, born in the summer, becomes, if not an oligarch, then certainly a good politician or a top-level leader. Rodion has a well-developed intuition, he is well versed in people. Self-esteem is mostly overestimated, character changes, nerves are out of order. But Rodion always keeps the situation under control.

Autumn Rodion does not expect big gifts from life. Health is more important to him than business success. Rodion reacts philosophically to failure. He is cheerful, witty, loves fun adventures, and enjoys tourism.


Rodion, not possessing a bright appearance, is very charming. Many women find Rodion "eerily sexy". He is a gentle and considerate lover, but not particularly passionate.

Rodion respects the feelings of a woman. Probably one of the few males who like to talk after sex.

Marries late, after a career has been built. The family does not strive to be a leader. He likes to share responsibilities equally. Rodion does not like perfect order; he is excited by clothes scattered around the room, an overturned table lamp. There is something primal about him that women undoubtedly like.


Dark red.

A rock


Zodiac sign

Aries, Virgo, Cancer, Aquarius, Taurus, Pisces.


The sound of the name Rodion gives the impression of something majestic, mighty, rough, strong.

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